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How the Gaggenau Fridge Fits Your Lifestyle and Interior Needs Perfectly

Integrated looks, stainless steel finishes, elegant illumination, spacious interior, superior performance, and modular design are reasons to buy aGaggenau fridge, wine cooler, freezer or combination.

Who should buy a Gaggenau fridge?

Appliances from the prestigious brand fit your home or restaurant kitchen if you want to save energy, ensure you have a durable appliance and appreciate a modern look and feel. It’s also the right choice if you want superior quality cooling, the flexibility to choose how you arrange the glass shelves, and the interior design possibilities because of the modular characteristic of theGaggenau cooling series.

Interested? Read on as we introduce the impressive new Vario 400 Cooling Range.

Elegant and functional: Meet the new Vario 400 series cooling range Gaggenau fridge technology

Gaggenau has perfected cooling and has done so in a manner that emphasises architectural mastery. The 400 Vario Series includes freezers, fridge-freezers andfridges in addition to wine climate cabinets. What sets the series apart is the modular design, allowing you to combine any of the units in the series with another in it to create a comprehensive cooling system that fits your minimalistic style and optimal cooling needs.

Gaggenau Fridge

Modular design for flexible layouts to fit your kitchen spacing requirements

The modular design makes it possible to partner units in a variety of ways. With such, you have more flexibility in how you want to arrange your cooling spaces. Just think, you can opt for an opulent stainless steel-clad look with or without handles, the way you envision the layout.

Reduce the effort of opening the door with the touch option

With two new opening assist features, opening and closing the doors is even easier than before. With the simple touch and slight press method, the door opens as if you have given a command. Not only is this more convenient, but it also makes a fully integrated look possible for a sleeker and neater kitchen environment. Prefer a handle? Then you will love the simple pull-to-open assist function available for doors with handles.

Perfect alignment of shelves possible to fit your sense of neatness

If you’re one for perfect alignment, you will appreciate the line-by-line alignment option to have the shelves on both sides on the same level. With this option, you can create a symmetrical look inside the Gaggenau fridge.

Stainless steel for a modern look and rust-free cooling environment

The impressive stainless steel exterior fits with any modern kitchen interior while it also ensures a rust-free cooling environment. If you live in a coastal area, you know how important it is to invest in quality appliances that won’t rust. With Gaggenau, your appliance will stay rust-free forever. The interior is also made from professional-grade stainless steel for the same elegant look and optimal corrosion prevention. The contemporary anthracite aluminium components, together with the clear glass shelves add to the elegance and functionality of the appliance.

State-of-the-art water dispenser and illumination for fresh water 24/7

The built-in water dispenser provides fresh and cool water when you need it. In fact, as you approach, it illuminates. With this feature you can even get a refreshing glass of water late-night without having to switch on the kitchen light.

Gaggenau Fridge

Attractive display of food enhanced with stylish illumination

Our visual senses play an important role in deciding what we want to eat. The attractive way that the produce is illuminated certainly adds to the pleasure of choosing ingredients or produce from the fridge. Indeed, it’s so inviting that you will want to prompt guests to peek inside, just to see how they appreciate the stylish interior and display of produce in yourGaggenau fridge.

Integrated look to meet energy and sustainability requirements

Who would have thought that an integrated look where the fridgesits flush with other kitchen components would have anything to do with sustainability? Surprising, but true. The Gaggenau fridge design makes it possible to reduce energy usage with the opening of the doors. Reduced strain and reduced energy usage are two benefits not to ignore.

Why buy a Gaggenau fridge?

With many posh brands out there, why select a Gaggenauappliance? For one, the German manufacturer is renowned for its drive for perfection. When you buy a fridgefrom the manufacturer, you buy cooling perfection. The appliances are produced at the well-known BSH Bosch plant in Turkey together with appliances from Miele, Thermador and Bosch.

You buy an appliance from a brand that rubs shoulders with equally impressive brands. TheGaggenau name has been around for a long time. Having an appliance from the award-winning brand in your home makes a statement regarding your sense of superior quality. Fridges from the brand are modern and made to fit the minimalist ultra-modern high-end kitchen environment. Curious? Take a look at the range here or visit one of our showrooms in Pretoria, Cape Town or Johannesburg.

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