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Fresh air with the PlasmaMade air filter for your cooker hood

An extractor installation typically requires an outdoor exhaust. Now, that’s history. PlasmaMade offers the solution: our filters can be mounted onto any new or existing extractor hood. You immediately save money on the installation and by reducing your heating/cooling costs.

An important advantage is that PlasmaMade ensures a healthy indoor environment; free of odours, pollen and bacteria. PlasmaMade offers two models: round and flat, so there’s a PlasmaMade solution for every situation!

The PlasmaMade Air Filter can be used in any cooker hood

Placing and mounting the Plasmamade air filter is very easy. The filter can be used in any cooker hood. After the filter has been installed correctly, the electronics of the filter is activated by the air flow. The contaminated air stream (fats, pollen, odors, etc.) is converted by a natural reaction in clean air and CO2. The filtered (recirculated) clean air is blown back into the room.

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