Induction Cooktops

Ever since early humans discovered how to make fire, people have been eager to cook with it. Over time, cooking techniques have become ever more sophisticated and efficient, as well…

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Smart appliances to change the home

The term smart is used for appliances with enhanced, interactive functions that may or may not require an internet connection. The difference between connected and smart appliances Connected appliances can…

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Dry Ageing

Dry Aged Beef is in great demand. The trend is not only in demand among steak connoisseurs, the noble meat is also offered in the supermarket. But what does “Dry…

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Siemens studioLine Launch

After years of planning and negotiation, Studio Line by Siemens is now available in South Africa to limited agents. We are very excited about the new and exclusive range that…

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Connected cooker hoods are here

With the rise in demand for fully automated homes, Miele will be introducing cooker hoods that feature the much-anticipated WifiConn@ct technology later this year. The home automation trend is one…

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Introducing Siemens studioLine

For those who want to set themselves apart from every standard. Siemens studioLine constantly questions the status quo to come up with new fascinating combinations of technology and design. Introducing studioLine from…

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