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Why Kaelo Integrated Wine Coolers Are the Best

Enjoy your drink without having to worry about it warming up with one of the best integrated wine coolers on the market. Whether you have a large or small space, Kaelo has a design for you.

In an age of red wine etiquette and drinking culture, Kaelo is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn't want to drink an entire bottle alone. The sleek design and amber lighting will transform your living room with its integrated design. Unlike other coolers, Kaelo doesn’t cause drip and wet surfaces.

Integrated wine coolers from the Kaelo brand give the simplest ways to create better and lasting memories with family and friends. Designed to provide an incredible experience from the moment you open the bottle, these coolers maintain the perfect temperature for your favourite beverage by cooling it to the desired comfort level once it's opened.

Your wine aficionado friends can enjoy their drinks at the optimal temperatures for each type of grape with serving typically reserved for establishments with expensive wine storage systems.

Kaelo Integrated Wine Coolers

The story of these integrated wine coolers

Kevin Jabou, the designer of this unique product, had enough of water dripping from bottles kept cool in ice buckets. Something better was needed! So, he invented one of the best and most innovative integrated wine coolers of all time. A full seven years and as many as 3 000 design models further, and you now have the functionality of the Kaelo.

How cooling works

The Kaelo instantly cools the beverage once you place an open bottle in it. It is as simple as that with no dripping and water stains on your expensive coffee table or counter because of dripping bottles.

Features setting the Kaelo apart from conventional wine coolers

Due to its advanced design, the Kaelo can be integrated into just about any type of surface. You also have the option to have it as a standalone unit, which you can place on top of a surface like your coffee table.

One-touch for easy usage

The smart technology of this device supports hassle-free usage. You don’t have to be concerned about complicated programming. It’s as straightforward as inserting an open bottle and touching the On option to have it operate.

Kaelo Integrated Wine Coolers

Optimal temperature control

With a bucket of ice, it’s difficult to achieve the best temperature to keep your beverage cold. Not so with the Kaelo. It holds at 1-2°C. Whether only one glass remains or the entire bottle, the temperature stays constant, giving you the best consistency possible.

No need to refill the ice bucket

Every time you have to top up the ice bucket, you have to deal with water dripping, melted ice and the mess that goes with it. With these integrated wine coolers, you don’t have to deal with ice refills, giving you more time to enjoy time with family and friends.

Chill in seconds – not minutes

These integrated coolers feature the advanced Kryolux™ technology, which makes it possible to cool the bottle in seconds. It is instant, so you don’t have to wait before you can pour. Just open the bottle and put it in the cooler. A few seconds later, you can pour with the assurance of the beverage being at optimal temperature.


The technology is so energy-efficient, you will use more power to switch on a single light than have the Kaelo operate. It uses less energy than the conventional 60 W light.

Ambient light

Ambient light options allow for enhancement of the cooler. Choose from an array of colours to illuminate the ring around the opening. With this, you can set the atmosphere to fit the surroundings. Whether you want to use table-top coolers in your restaurant, bar or home, you can have these fit the elegance of the environment. Choose any of the 27 available colours with the simple touch of the cooler crown.

Durable for lasting functionality

The anodised bottle chamber ensures durability while the screw tension has been calibrated for lasting sturdiness. A single stainless block is used for the crown. When you get a Kaelo, you get quality workmanship.

Get the best technology in integrated wine coolers. Buy your Kaelo today!

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