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Why JURA Coffee Makers Should Be Your No.1 Choice

It’s not often that a brand becomes so esteemed that its name is mentioned with awe by even the most professional of chefs. That name is the distinguished JURA, a brand associated with exquisite coffee machines, designed specifically to be fully automated.

Journey with us as we introduce you to the reasons for buying the remarkable JURA coffee and espresso machines. These professional-level appliances are perfect for coffee connoisseurs, chefs wanting only the best equipment and fine dining restaurants where master brewing of the world’s most loved hot beverage is essential.

What makes JURA espresso machines different?

These machines are made for full automation. Time is of the essence in a world where we crave perfection and everything revolves around quality, providing a service in the fastest way possible. The Swiss are renowned for being the timekeepers of the world. The same precision engineering they’re reputed for when it comes to superior watches, are mirrored in their approach to design.

Knowing the value of time, JURA has positioned their products to reduce effort, improve quality and minimise time wastage. This is what automation has made possible, and the brand continues to improve on the quality and speed offered by its machines.

JURA is also the only global brand to focus its energy specifically on the design and manufacturing of automated connoisseur coffee and espresso machines suited for the professional commercial and discerning residential markets. Their commitment to quality and functionality shows in the design, finishes, ease-of-use and speed of function that these machines offer.

Their machines feature intuitive functionality. You don’t need to be a technical guru to use these self-explanatory coffee machines. The latest advances in RFID technology are used for wireless linking of the filter cartridge with the espresso equipment. This enables automatic recognition of the filter and subsequent selection of the right setting.

JURA machines have environmentally-friendly features

Sustainable living is no longer a buzz phrase. It is essential, whether in commercial or residential settings. The brand has long been associated with energy-efficient equipment. Automation is their answer to a reduction in wastage, lower energy use and improvement in life and service quality. The brand extends its focus on sustainability to the parts of the equipment. They recondition parts to reduce wastage and pressure on natural resources. In addition, they make their machines to last for years.

Superior quality coffee and espresso

Customers expect flavourful and aromatic coffees. This is also why the brand’s 70 engineers have put together their best thinking caps to bring about machines that produce superior quality beverages. This is evident in the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P®) that creates a bold and rich flavour even with the shortest cycle speciality beverages. With this technology, espressos and other small brews gain full aroma in the shortest possible time because the water moves through the ground beans in short bursts, which enable maximum aroma extraction and a shortened waiting period.

Their technologies make it possible to get a cup of coffee from freshly grounded beans in under a minute. Best of all, it only requires the touch of a button to get the brew according to your preferences.

Aesthetic appeal

Functionality is essential, and so is sustainability. But without attractive features, machines are hidden from the public eye. With JURA coffee equipment, you’ll want your customers to see and admire these machines. Smooth and slick designs make these coffee makers the types of machines you’ll want on display. Even touching the equipment brings joy and sheer excitement in waiting for the ground coffee brew to finish.

Worldwide service

In the event of having to replace a component, you’ll be glad to know that JURA stands by their service promises. Components are available for replacement and refurbishment of machines.

Wide range of speciality coffees

Whether for home use or a restaurant, coffee shop or establishments like a hospital or campus, people love variety, and the brand meets the requirement. Their machines make it possible to brew a comprehensive range of speciality beverages, including beverages prepared with dairy products. The brand’s foam froth devices use state-of-the-art foaming technologies to achieve superior quality foam with excellent consistency. You can also use the technology to warm the milk according to your temperature preference.

Key takeaways

The brand is renowned for focussing on automated coffee machines that reduce the time it takes to get a perfect coffee or latte brew. Their machines are sleek and modern while the list of functionalities is endless. If you wish to offer your customers the finest brews in town, you’ll want to buy a JURA coffee machine. Have a look at the range available.

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