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Why Buy the Jura X8 as a Speciality Coffee Machine for Your Restaurant?

Jura is known for exceptional quality in the manufacturing of its products, whether for home or professional applications. The X8 speciality coffee machine is an example of the brand’s commitment to superior functionality.

Want to know why you should buy the X8 for your coffee shop, restaurant or lodge? Then read on as we take you on a journey to discover the unique features that put this particular Jura appliance in a class of its own.

Versatile enough to prepare a range of coffee brews

From speciality beverages to rich, strong and flavourful coffees without milk or foam, in addition to classic tea can be prepared with the X8. Not all teas should be boiled and that’s why Jura includes technology that allows for brews at different temperature settings.

More than one speciality coffee at a time

Breakfast time at any restaurant or lodge goes hand-in-hand with a higher demand for coffees. With the X8, you can brew two speciality coffees at the same time as the machine comes with a sturdy, height-adjustable dual spout. Dispensing the beverages is as easy as pushing a button to deliver the freshly brewed coffees to the cups or glasses of choice.

Put your patrons in control

Do you operate a guest lodge where you want fresh brews available to your guests at any time of the day? Whether for patrons at your coffee shop or guests at a lodge, the self-service option adds a new level of functionality to the Jura X8 coffee machine. This is made possible with a convenient cup positioning system to allow for self-service with large buttons and clear displays to facilitate hassle-free brew selections.

Customise the brew selection display

With the full customisation of which brews selections should be displayed and where on the display interface, you can create the best possible user experience. If you don’t wish to offer specific brews, you don’t have to include those in the display selection. Position the brew options according to your preferences.


Use the Jura X8 in a fixed or mobile setting

Perhaps you want to use the professional speciality coffee machine as part of your catering business or at a conference centre. In any of these instances, you’ll want optimal mobility without compromising on performance. The Jura X8 is the solution as you can operate it from the standard large water tank or connect the machine to a water kit for mobile operation.

Fresh beans every time

The X8 comes equipped with a state-of-the-art AromaG3 grinder for fresh grinds at the selected fine consistency for every brew. You would expect such precision to slow down operation, but the advanced technology allows for optimal precision, speed and aroma for every cup. This is made possible because of the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P®) that enables faster extraction for the shorter brew specialities without compromising on the flavour and aroma of a true espresso or ristretto.

Ease of use because of design

You don’t have to place the machine in a specific manner for getting to the back end for operation. Everything you need forms part of the front section, including refilling from the front. Every functionality is easy to access from the front, also benefiting shorter people who might not be able to refill the machine from the top.

The vertical TFT display further helps with the selection process. With a drip tray and coffee grind container that is easy to reach for cleaning or emptying, you’ll also benefit by saving time.

Prevention of unauthorised usage or preference changes

Ergonomic design adds to the safety profile of the Jura X8. The bean container and water tank are fitted with lock mechanisms that prevent tampering, while the maintenance and preparation selections can be disabled to prevent accidental operation during cleaning.

Optimal hygiene

Food and beverage hygiene best practices are essential in any hospitality setting. The Jura X8 is the perfect machine to uphold hygiene standards. It comes fitted with integrated cleaning and rinsing operations. With TÜV-Certified equipment for hygiene, you have the assurance of a clean, safe and hygienic internal preparation area for the brews you serve to your guests or restaurant patrons.

Final thoughts

Many more features make the Jura X8 the professional coffee machine of choice. In addition to the functionalities mentioned, it boasts an elegant design. This is the perfect base speciality beverage maker for the upmarket hospitality setting. Get all the information about the X8 coffee machine here to help you make an informed buying decision.

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