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When Aston Martin met Gaggenau: a conversation

Aston Martin and Gaggenau are both brands driven by the desire to push beyond the usual boundaries of either British motoring or German engineering. The two men responsible for the creative direction of each brand sit down with Gaggenau to discuss the art of provoking desire and thinking outside the box

Words Sophie Cecil
Photography Hamish Stephenson

Aston Martin and Gaggenau have a certain chemistry between them. Both have distinctive, sleek aesthetics that stand out as the most elegant in their field. Both offer innovative products that represent best-in-class technical proficiency and both identify strongly with the in-built integrity of their heritage – of British motoring and German engineering respectively. These two brands may design and craft very different things, but they share many passions, experiences and aims in common.

Sven Baacke, Head of Design & Art Direction Global Brand Gaggenau, invited Marek Reichman, Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin, to join us for a few rare, quiet moments in a contemporary gallery space in East London, to discuss inspiration, creativity, and collaboration.

Read the full conversation here:

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