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Discover the Miele Oven that Changes the Way You Cook

Miele is considered by many discerning homeowners as the epitome of quality in-home appliances. The brand has been around for more than a century, and with good reason. Their elegant products are durable, energy-efficient, and designed for superior performance.

When it comes to home appliances, aesthetic appeal counts just as much as functionality, and Miele meets both requirements. The brand is also among the leaders in the industry on the sustainability front. They conserve natural resources by manufacturing products that last for years.

A closer look at theMieleDialog Oven reveals just why buying a Miele appliance is an investment in quality, durability and convenience. Watch the Miele Belgium Introduction of the Dialog Oven here.

Dialog Oven – Cooking in Style

Who says technology cannot inspire creativity? The features of this oven support modern cooking methods. It makes the preparation of any dish a sheer pleasure, especially considering how easy it is to clean afterwards. Want to know what makes it a must-have in every luxury kitchen? Then read on to discover the features that upgrade the cooking experience to that of absolute elation. It is not just an appliance. Instead, it is a tool of inspiration. Think of it as a cooking companion that can turn even the most lacklustre meal preparation into a moment of joy.

Connect to the Miele Dialog Oven with your Mobile Phone

Keep an eye on the cooking process even when you are not at home. How is this possible? Use your mobile phone or tablet for checking in. If you have a dish that will take a few hours to cook to perfection, you will be able to put it in the oven and leave home. Gone are the days of having to be close by. With the remote mobile control, you can check the status of the cooking progress and can even stop a programme. Have a favourite recipe? Simply put in all the ingredients and you can send the recipe to the stove via the app to have the cooking part done while you relax next to the pool or visit with friends.

Use the Oven for Defrosting

The MieleDialog Oven is not only a master when it comes to heating and cooking food to perfection, it is also the king of defrosting. Quickly defrost from frozen cakes to meats evenly. This unique stove also has a programme for super-efficient defrosting in a relatively short period. Keep the moisture without the risk of the process affecting the taste or texture of the food.

Gourmet Equals Precision

This an appliance made for convenience and perfection. Complicated dishes can be prepared without the risk of overcooking. With the Gourmet Pro feature, you can give exact instructions. The oven will heat and cook according to your precision standard.

Miele Oven

Expert in the Kitchen

With the Gourmet Assistant, it is as if you have an expert companion in the kitchen. The Miele virtual assistant provides you with recommendations while you prepare the meals. This guidance is based on the food weight and type. Receive optional help on temperature settings, suitable intensity, and function.

Optimal Humidity Control

The Moisture Plus feature enables a higher humidity level in the oven to facilitate the preparation of soft and aromatic baked breads, tender meat and mouth-watering delicious soufflés.

Inside Look Like Never Before

With the FoodView feature, you have a camera in the oven, giving you more than just a glimpse through the oven window. Know the progress of food preparation in the oven, regardless of where you are at that moment.  Use the mobile remote feature to access the camera for a front-seat view of how the baking or roasting is progressing.

Automatic Cleaning

The oven comes with pyrolytic cleaning technology, which is an automatic process whereby any residue in the oven is heated to a level where the residue is turned into ash. Forget about harsh cleaning detergents. With this technology, it is a matter of wiping off the residue without leaving a trace.

Miele Oven

Where to Get Your Miele Appliance in South Africa

These are only a few of the many amazing features that set the MieleDialog Oven a notch or ten above any other brand of ovens. We’re as excited about this stove as you can imagine. What is even more exciting is that as aMiele agent in South Africa, we offer an extensive range of the brand’s products. Learn more about the available range here.

Whether you want the best oven or an equally impressive microwave oven, you can rely on the brand for perfection. You can download the Miele pricelist here. Get in touch for expert help in choosing your Miele cooking appliance.

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