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The latest refrigeration trends for 2019 with Miele

The next generation of refrigeration appliances have some of the coolest design and technological innovations yet. Here is Miele’s overview on some of the hottest refrigeration trends making waves in the market

1. Miele Colour and Finish

Due to the growing popularity of open-plan design, kitchen appliances are more on display than ever before. As such, their appearance has become a considerably important overall factor.

Miele’s range of refrigeration Appliances are available in Brilliant White and Clean Steel. We also offer models with a glossy glass surface in either Brilliant White or Obsidian Black. All our refrigeration models are straight-laced and puristic in design, and blend in seamlessly with contemporary, high-end kitchens.

Miele’s Blackboard models are another innovative example of this trend. Shopping list, school timetable, and forthcoming doctors' appointments – all readily visible in many families because they are stuck to the door of a refrigerator using fridge magnets. The door on the Blackboard Edition can be written on with school chalk or liquid chalk markers, and it is incredibly easy to clean.

2. Flat Lines

When it comes to design, the latest release refrigerators are the epitome of simplicity, with super flat lines, seamless detailing and a truly elegant and streamlined overall appeal. Instead of the traditional handles, a recessed handle with assisted opening action (Click2open) guarantees ease of operation, even when the door is opened several times in quick succession.

3. Miele Refrigeration - Smart storage

Ideally you should eat fruit and vegetables when they are as crisp and fresh as when you bought them. Miele’s Perfect Fresh is a special cooling zone in Miele refrigerators that offers ideal storage conditions for a variety of foods.

Food is valuable commodity, and in an average household, it is estimated that as much as 20% of all food purchased ends up being thrown away. In this regard, technologies such as Perfect Fresh can help alleviate this wastage. Meat, fish and almost all dairy products can be stored in Miele’s Perfect Fresh dry compartment in ideal conditions. The temperature is between 0ºC and 3ºC - the low temperature ensures that food stays fresh for longer without losing its flavour.

4. Easier Controls

Now you can operate your fridge or freezer the same way you operate your smart phone – Miele’s K 20.000 model series for example, features a TFT colour display and touch controls, geared to match the design of Miele's Generation 6000 range of kitchen appliances. This display gives you easy and precise control over the temperature inside your fridge and freezer, some even allowing you to adjust up to six different areas in your fridge.

5. Lighting The Way

Miele’s take on refrigeration lighting is borderline science fiction. The LED lighting in Miele’s refrigeration models gradually brightens when the door is opened. Exclusive to Miele and named Flex Light technology, this feature provides uniform and non-glare lighting with light sources along the front edge of glass shelves where they cannot be covered or obstructed.

6. Energy Efficiency

Your refrigeration appliances run 24/7/365 for many years – as such, in order to help save money and do your bit for the environment, it is imperative that you choose the most energy efficient model possible. With its current refrigeration products, Miele has demonstrated that high performance and energy-saving can be achieved simultaneously. The majority of its refrigeration appliances exceed the A+ energy-efficiency classification.

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