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Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Modernise Your Kitchen with a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Sub-Zero refrigerators came to life when two experts in the kitchen appliance world joined forces to create one extraordinary product range. In 2000, two powerhouse brands, namely Sub-Zero and Wolf, merged, bringing about pristine innovation and design prowess to the refrigeration sector. Sub-Zero, with its keen eye for detail and ergonomic refrigeration design and Wolf, with its precision and experience in creating durable cooking equipment, bring something new to the world of refrigeration.

If you’re looking for highly functional refrigerators with innovative configurations, fantastic food-preservation systems, and robust design, Sub-Zero refrigerators will add style and functionality to your home.

Different Sub-Zero Refrigerator Models

When searching for the perfect Sub-Zero refrigerator for your home, the configuration options are endless, meaning they can seamlessly integrate into your home. Their comprehensive refrigerator collection covers everything from residential and wine fridges to commercial models and integrated systems. When choosing your refrigerator, you can select the following configurations depending on your kitchen design.

• Column: The stylish, column-shaped design is available in both refrigerator and freezer varieties and comes in various widths ranging from 610 mm up to 914 mm. Some models have integrated Wi-Fi capabilities and water dispensers.

• Over-and-Under: These configurations have both a fridge and a freezer on top of each other, and they’re available in several models and styles, depending on your unique preferences. Opt for configurations with glass doors, internal dispensers, and functions such as night mode, specialised dairy compartments, Wi-Fi capability, customised panels for an integrated look, and stylish stainless steel accents.

• Side-by-side: Side-by-side models have a freezer on the left and a refrigerator on the right. Different models boast different features, including the option of glass doors or bottom drawers.

• Wine storage: These units add a touch of flair to any of your living spaces and can be seamlessly integrated as either undercounter or standalone units. The design considers advanced technologies that combat the elements, including heat, humidity, light and even vibration. The wines’ flavours are protected through customisable temperature regulation functionality, and its UV-resistant capabilities ensure that you will have the best glass of wine on every occasion.  

With so many options and configurations available, Sub-Zero guarantees you’ll find your dream refrigerator.

Why Choose Sub-Zero Refrigerators?

When you purchase a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you’ll benefit from many exciting features and some fantastic advantages. These include:

  • Premium-grade, durable materials built to last: Stringent quality and durability checks to ensure that all products last for at least 20 years (and usually longer).
  • Optimal functionality: All major refrigerator components undergo specialised stress tests before the final design is built, and all features and functions are tested before shipping.
  • Ultimate hygiene: Special air-filtration systems purify the air by removing mould spores, bacteria, germs, and gasses released by certain foods. This system keeps things clean and diminishes any odour. Freshness and cleanliness will prevail when you open your Sub-Zero refrigerator doors.
  • Design innovation: Stunning, stylised craftmanship, characterised by clean lines, modern fittings, and ergonomic design. Integrated systems can be built into kitchens seamlessly, adding to design finesse and kitchen adaptability.
  • Exciting, modern features: Depending on the model, various features can be integrated into your system. These include Wi-Fi capabilities, optimal temperature regulation, dual evaporation technology, installation flexibility, diverse panelling options, glass doors or draws, and antimicrobial air purification systems.

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