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The studioLine iQ700 for Faster and More Convenient Cooking

Siemens studioLine is a range set apart for one-of-a-kind features and superior design to match the aesthetic appeal requirements of modern-day discerning homeowners. Through exceptional functionality combined with features to streamline operation, Siemens meets and exceeds the expectations of the luxury appliance market.

Why people buy Siemens studioLine appliances

The brand is renowned for breaking the barriers of conventional thinking, evident in their cutting-edge appliance designs made from superior quality materials and crafted for durability. Innovation is at the heart of the brand’s design approach, which is also why they could develop the award-winning studioLine iQ700 range.

Introducing the impressive studioLine ovens

Siemens has once again proven why the brand’s products remain popular, also in the luxury appliance market.  Their latest blackSteel finish speaks of quality workmanship, superior materials, and designs to support integrated modern home interiors. The operations panel of the iQ700 provides for easy adjustments, good visibility of the components, such as the rotary dial made from high-grade stainless steel, and a sleek design, which gives a feel of opulence. The appliance also features subtle elegance with a black glass door.

Take less time to cook food to perfection

Contemporary lifestyles demand ways to wash, clean and cook faster. Siemens shows that they understand the pressures of modern-day people who have to juggle between executive board meetings, entertaining guests and preparing food. The technology embedded in the varioSpeed feature makes it possible to prepare connoisseur worthy food 50% faster, helping the cook to save time without compromising on the taste, texture and visual appeal of the food.

Less time before the oven is ready for baking

With the Siemens studioLine range, the time it takes to get the oven to the required temperature for baking is significantly reduced because it includes a fast pre-heat functionality. The fastPreheat boosts the heating of the oven, enabling usage for baking in only a few minutes. What makes the oven even more suitable for people with busy schedules is the coolStart functionality. This eliminates the need to defrost produce before cooking it to perfection in the oven. With this intelligent function, the food can be prepared at the same time as stated on the package.

Clean faster without working harder

Cooking is an art, but the cleaning part is a chore most people want to avoid. Siemens studioLine ovens take care of the mess, so the cook can enjoy their masterpieces without having to perform tedious clean-up tasks. This is taken care of with the activeClean function, enabling the stove to self-clean. All the cook has to do, is to remove the loose particles and the stove handles the rest like a pro. Activation of the function is as effortless as selecting the option to have all remnants burned to ashes. All that remains is to wipe the inside clean with a damp cloth.

Retain the crispness of dishes

The pulseSteam feature adds water vapour to the cooking method to enable perfect dark roasts or the browning of bread crust. Whether it’s a roast leg of lamb or meatloaf, the outside crust is perfectly cooked while the food retains its juicy flavour. Heating up produce also doesn’t mean losing the delicious flavour in the process. Moisture is retained because of the advanced steam function.

Connect with the oven from anywhere in the home

With the Home Connect technology, it’s possible to activate functions, including scheduling, with a mobile smart device from anywhere in the home. Now people can entertain and, with the push of a button, have the oven perform its magic even if they’re on the swim deck, mingling with guests.

Compact design to take up less space

The Siemens iQ700 studioLine ovens feature compact designs, making it possible to fit them in just about any space without compromising on functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Integrated microwave for the ultimate convenience

The built-in microwave function can work alongside other functions, enabling multitasking and reducing cooking time by up to 50%. This range has been designed to save time and make food preparation a sheer pleasure.

Warranty speaks for itself

The 5-year warranty is evidence of the confidence Siemens has in the studioLine range. Not surprising, as the iQ700 received the iF Design Award for outstanding features and innovative technology.

Ready to become a proud owner of a studioLine oven? Then visit the Siemens section for more information that includes a downloadable brochure packed with details about their appliances.

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