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Smart appliances to change the home

The term smart is used for appliances with enhanced, interactive functions that may or may not require an internet connection.

The difference between connected and smart appliances

  • Connected appliances can join the internet and offer a certain level of interactivity with the user via smart phone, tablet, or a part of the home automation system.
  • Smart appliances are connected appliances with embedded innovative technologies that allow consumers to supervise their electrical consumption in real time. These appliances create a two-way exchange with the electricity grid.

Connected appliances facilitate repair and maintenance, thanks to remote diagnostics, maintenance advice and failure detection.

Repair technicians are enabled to identify problems before they happen so that they can bring the right tools and parts for the job. In some cases, users may be able to make the fix with video or phone guidance from experts. In others, the problem can be fixed remotely via correction or upgrades to software.

In addition, the manufacturers of the connected appliances, can keep track of trends of in appliances performance, and use that information to improve on existing and future appliances. In case of any problem arising, manufacturers can be contacted automatically and as they happen, which means that they will be able to quickly address minor problems before they become major problems, often with little or no interruption to the appliance's function.

Similarly, the dishwasher will know which cleaning cycle best fits the types of dishes it needs to clean, and how dirty those dishes are. Working with online retailers, appliances can automatically order detergent refills when they need them.

Refrigerators, freezing and cooking appliances can include features that show how to prepare the food that is on hand. They can track expiration dates, automatically adjust cooling levels to the type of food stored, create shopping lists and order groceries. Via a mobile device, you can view the inside of the refrigerator or oven to check the content or track the progress of the meal being prepared.


Introducing connected, smart appliances into your home will make a major difference and change to the home. You'll also help to conserve energy, reduce food waste, facilitate faster and more accurate appliance repair and mitigate unnecessary replacement of appliances.

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