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Siemens studioLine

Siemens studioLine Ovens and Hobs: Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Siemens studioLine is all about sophisticated design, cutting-edge technology, and innovative building techniques. Siemens studioLine range constantly pushes the envelope, thinking out of the box to produce creative new designs that combine technology and design. The Siemens studioLine collection consists of a wide range of premium, coordinated kitchen appliances, including ovens, hobs, extractors, coffee machines, and cooling devices.

Top Siemens studioLine appliances

Siemens studioLine is a lifestyle, and those who embark on it rarely look back. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to tailor-make their dream kitchen and fill it with premium home appliances. Our diverse range includes several premium offerings for those who love cooking, including studioLine ovens and hobs.

studioLine ovens

Siemens studioLine ovens are a must for those who enjoy premium design and intelligent innovation. Homeowners will enjoy several impressive features when they opt for studioLine ovens, including:

  • TFT Touchdisplay Plus: Intuitive, user-friendly menu operation with effortless touch display capabilities for superior user ease.
  • roastingSensor Plus and bakingSensor technology: The roasting Sensor uses specialised technology to detect three precise measuring points. It measures the temperature of each point to determine when the roast has been cooked to perfection. The bakingSensor technology, on the other hand, measures the oven’s humidity levels to determine when the baked goods have been perfectly baked.
  • varioSpeed integrated microwave: This feature allows for faster cooking and subsequent energy saving. The integrated microwave defrosts and heats food, further shortening cooking time. This results in 100 % flavour in only half the cooking time.
  • coolStart: coolStart technology means you no longer have to waste time and energy in pre-heating your oven. This feature also allows users to cook food from frozen, further saving energy and time.
  • activeClean: activeClean technology is the self-cleaning feature we’ve all been dreaming of. With the mere click of a button, your oven will clean itself using a specialised pyrolytic cleaning process. During the process, the oven will heat up to incredibly high temperatures so that any remaining food particles turn to ash. After the process, debris can be easily wiped away.
  • fullSteam: The fullSteam feature is one of its kind, allowing users to steam cook their food. This mode of cooking ensures that food retains optimum nutrients and vitamins, making it ideal for healthy living. This feature is also helpful for those wishing to warm up their food without vegetables losing their crispiness.

studioLine hobs

Siemens studioLine flex induction hobs are a must-have feature for those who love to showcase their creativity in the kitchen. Users can cook several dishes at once, using sensorPlus technology to get the perfect temperature every time. The top features of this innovative range include:

  • Full-surface induction: The entire surface of the hob offers superior induction capabilities, meaning users can place their pots and pans anywhere that they want on the surface.
  • flexInduction: Since the entire surface is an induction hob, users can position numerous pots and pans on its surface. The total surface measures 21 x 40 cm. Moreover, smart technology will instantly pick up the number of pots and pans and their size and adjust cooking zones accordingly.
  • TFT Touchdisplay Plus: Easy touch display navigation for simple navigation between pots and pans. This saves users time and makes for a seamless cooking experience.
Siemens studioLine

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If you’re ready to take the leap and create an extraordinary kitchen, studioLine is the perfect solution. Browse our studioLine catalogue and get in touch with your nearest branch. One of our expert team members will advise you on the steps ahead so that you can integrate studioLine’s premium technology into your home. We also stock a wide range of premium European home appliance brands, including Jura, Smeg, Bosch, AGA, Miele, Gaggenau, and more. Browse our premium appliance world, and create your perfect kitchen.

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