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Siemens StudioLine Range

Siemens StudioLine Range Available at Euro Appliances for Ultimate Convenience

Choose the Siemens studioLine range of appliances if you prefer a kitchen environment where functionality and elegance are almost indistinguishable. The range of devices boasts innovative technologies and designs to transform the kitchen into a cutting-edge technology environment.

Made for the discerning homeowner, the range lives up to your quality expectations in every way. The claim is underpinned by esteemed design awards, indicative of the quality, functionality, and style you can expect from each of the appliances in the range. These appliances feature intelligent technology to reduce the time it takes to complete everyday tasks while improving the user experience.

Interested? Read on to learn more about the Siemens studioLine range, also available through Euro Appliances.

Siemens studioLine ovens

As with every appliance in the range, ovens are made to be exceptional. Clean lines with attention to detail set these built-in ovens apart from ordinary ones. The brand has gone all out to cater to exclusive tastes with these cooking masterpieces.

The TFT Touchdisplay Plus technology provides for effortless and intuitive operating, thereby simplifying complex operations. With this technology, you have more control over settings without needing to be an expert in cooking.

Roast and bake to perfection because of the bakingSensor and roastingSensor technologies. With the special roasting sensor, the core temperature of the dish is accurately detected, eliminating the issue of over or under-cooking. The baking sensor determines when the dish is baked to perfection through humidity detection.

Reduce cooking time by almost 50% without losing flavour in the food when you use a Siemens studioLine oven. This is possible because of the built-in varioSpeed features of an integrated microwave oven that enables fast defrosting and heating, as well as shortening of cooking time in the oven.

The ovens in the range come with activeClean® technology for pyrolytic self-cleaning at the touch of a button. Without any human labour, the oven cleans itself by heating up to a high core temperature to burn any food remains to a fine ash. All you need to do is wipe the ash out once the process has been completed. Not only is this process convenient, but it is also free of chemicals, giving you a healthier and more environmentally friendly way to keep your oven sparkling clean.

The ovens are also fitted with fullSteam technology for gentle and natural cooking of food to retain flavours, nutrients, and colour brilliance. Heat pre-made produce like vegetables without compromising on crispness and flavour.

Siemens StudioLine Range

With the coolStart technology you don’t have to preheat the oven. This saves time, giving you more freedom to enjoy the finer things in life.

Siemens studioLine automated coffee machines

It’s not only the cooking function that becomes a whole lot easier and more convenient. Now you can automate the tedious coffee brew process with one of the Siemens studioLine coffee machines.

Enjoy a freshly brewed espresso, coffee or latte macchiato, completed with frothed milk like your favourite barista prepares it. These machines come fitted with sensoFlow System technology for optimal temperature control tailored to every type of coffee brew. In addition, these appliances feature the silentCeram Drive non-wear ceramic grinder for grinding beans perfectly without making a noise. Also, fitted with the coffeeSensor System, the appliances grind beans in the right quantity and coarseness.

Siemens studioLine hobs

For the creative at heart, the hobs in the range offer diverse cooking methods, enabling the cooking of multiple dishes at once. Fitted with the fryingSensor Plus technology, these hobs provide for optimal temperature control. Also, you can position pots and pans anywhere on the hob, giving you more freedom to prepare the variety and quantity of dishes to meet your culinary needs. The flex Induction feature detects the size and shape of the cookware for automatic cook zone temperature adjustment.

Final thoughts

These are only three of the appliance types available in the Siemens studioLine range. Have a look at the range available from Euro Appliances and be sure to download the brochure for detailed information about each appliance.

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