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Siemens: Luxury and Durable Home Appliances for the Modern Lifestyle

Siemens has certainly taken the mobile market by storm, but the brand is also known for its extensive range of luxury and durable home appliances. Innovativeness is at the heart of this brand, which explains the convenient functionalities embedded in their range of home appliances.

Would you be surprised to know that the company has been at the forefront of cutting-edge inventions for well over 160 years? Siemens has proven that the brand is adaptable, trendsetting and here to stay. With their long history of appliance manufacturing, they can claim to understand what works best and what should be avoided.

The brand is known for superior quality and competitive pricing. With superb after-sales service, Siemenshas successfully positioned their brand as one of the most trusted ones for products ranging from refrigerators to stoves and cleaning equipment.

As a supplier of luxury and high-end kitchen appliances from top brands, we are proud to be associated with the Siemens brand. Let’s take a closer look at some of the products in their range of small appliances to give you an idea of the extensiveness of their offering.

Siemens: Compact Toaster for the Modern Home

The TT86103 (860 W) compact toaster has a quartz glass heater, which facilitates gentle toasting. It also makes this toaster more energy-efficient than the conventional types. The “sensorHeat control” technology ensures consistency through an electronic sensor system. Toast two slices at once without waiting long. With the cool touch housing, the risk of burning your hand upon touching the housing is eliminated.

Use the memory function to ensure the toast results are perfect according to your preferences. It also includes a convenient reheat function in addition to the crispy option. Need to cancel the toast operation? Simply press the illuminated cancel button. A convenient automatic centre system makes it possible to get consistency of the toast browning over the entire slice surface. Cleaning is easy with the removable crumb tray feature. Download the Siemens Small Appliances Brochure for more information about this compact and easy-to-use toaster.

Siemens: Compact and Light Hand Mixer

The MQ9600 (500 W) hand mixer is the ideal kitchen companion for small and quick mixing tasks. Want to whisk eggs or perhaps whip up cream? Then you will love the smooth lines, light weight, and superior performance of this appliance. It is powerful, but light on the hand. The cutting-edge design includes an easily detachable foot, flexi-cord system and design to give maximum access to the buttons for more control. It comes with two premium turbo beaters for whisking and stirring. Preparing delicious desserts and baked goods will be a sheer delight.

Siemens: Chop without a Mess

The 400 W chopper (MR008B1) comes with a microwave and dishwasher proof 800 ml plastic bowl, a beating disc and stainless-steel dishwasher-proof blade. It also comes with a wrap-around cable for easier storage.

Siemens: Quick and Easy Blending

Need to cream soup or quickly make a tomato paste? Reach for the powerful, yet, compact 700 W hand blender (MQ67110) that comes with 12-speed settings for ultimate blend control. The blender has a four-wing blade for maximum blend consistency. The blender foot can be detached through the press of a convenient ejection button. Except for the gearbox, all parts of the blender foot and attachments can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The mixing beaker is transparent and calibrated.

Siemens: Cordless Kettle Convenience

The TW86103P cordless kettle (2000-2400 W) with its modern design fits in the contemporary kitchen environment. The kettle has 1,5 L capacity and features the innovative “sensorControl Heatup” technology with temperature settings of 70°C, 80°C, 90°C, and 100°C. It also comes with “Keep-warmSensor” technology. With the water level indicator, you can see the exact water level without having to open the lid. The auto-off functionality helps to save energy, reduce fire risks and appliance damage. As soon as the lid is opened the kettle switches off for maximum safety.

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