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IRBPdi 5170 Peak

IRBPdi 5170 Peak


This built-in refrigerator offers unique features. The interior is equipped with 5 glass drawers stretched on telescopic rails. The robust SmartSteel interior is hygienic and gives a professional look. The LED wall panels and Ambient lighting ensure that nothing escapes your eye. The door with SoftSystem always closes softly. In the 3 BioFresh drawers on SoftTelescopic rails you can keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 3x longer.


Vegetables, fruit, meat and fish fresh up to 3x longer.

At a temperature of just above 0°C and ideal humidity, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and milk products retain their healthy vitamins and taste up to three times longer than in the normal cooling part. More than 40% of the food we throw away consists of meat, fish, cheese, dairy, vegetables and fruit. If these foods have a longer shelf life, less needs to be thrown away and you can save an estimated € 150 each year.

Suitable for SmartHome applications.

This model comes with SmartDeviceBox and is ready to be connected to the home WIFI network. After connecting to the internet, for example, SuperFrost (-32°C) is automatically switched on when you are at your favorite supermarket so that when you return home, the frozen products are frozen extra quickly. Or you will be warned when someone has left the refrigerator door open at home.

Cleaning has never been easier.

Many parts are suitable for cleaning in your dishwasher. In addition to the door interior consisting of plastic platform holders, glass shelves, bottle holders, egg rack and VarioBox, the GlassLine support platforms and the supports for the divisible glass platform do not need to be cleaned by hand.

Connection cord supplied separately

In the packaging, the 2.2 meter long 220V connection cord is supplied separately. This prevents transport damage and is easy when moving the device. An extra long cord of 3 meters can be ordered as an accessory.

Easy to clean interior.

Characteristic of the interior of the refrigerators are the columnar platform holders on both sides. This concept guarantees great flexibility in adjusting the glass platforms. An additional advantage is the smooth surface of the interior, which is therefore very easy to clean.

Soft close warranty.

Even with full hands, a small push is enough to gently close the door. The SoftSystem not only dampens the movement when closing, but also ensures that the door always closes properly from 30°.


Device is attached to the furniture at 4 points and neatly covered after assembly.

Always the right distance.

The four attachment points have spacers that ensure that the device is placed at the right depth in the furniture cabinet.

Always stable.

Thanks to the height-adjustable legs, the devices can be optimally adjusted. As a result, the device is always stable.

Perfect assembly for everyone.

With the mounting plate, the furniture panel of the door-to-door models is mounted directly on the door of the refrigerator. Thanks to the mounting plate, the furniture panel can be adjusted in height, width and depth. This allows Liebherr built-in appliances to be perfectly adjusted.

With left- or right-turning door.

With the possibility to change the direction of door rotation, the cabinet is always easily accessible. All household models are equipped with right-hand hinged doors from the factory and are prepared for hinge change.

Maximum flexibility in the interior.

Characteristic of the Liebherr inner fairing are the supports integrated on both sides at the front and rear. These guarantee great flexibility when adjusting the glass platforms. You can place the glass platforms every 4 cm. Another advantage is the very smooth interior that simplifies cleaning.

Fully extendable and soft-closing.

The BioFresh drawers have a comfortable self-closure with soft cushioning, the drawer gently closes itself last 3 cm. The drawers can be fully pulled out and removed at 90° door opening.

The Liebherr quality

As a refrigeration and freezing specialist, Liebherr is constantly developing new solutions for greater cooling comfort, ease of operation and energy savings. High-quality materials finished in detail, modern and precise electronic controls and an environmentally friendly production process guarantee the proverbial Liebherr quality.

Maintaining optimal closure.

The door rubber is easy to change yourself. By pulling the old rubber off, it can easily be replaced by pressing the new door rubber into the recess. This way you always maintain a perfect closure of the refrigerator.

Simply swipe to the settings.

All settings are easy to operate via the Touch display. The colour display can be set in 12 languages, including Dutch. The display indicates the current temperature and is prepared for future functions.

Light makes the difference.

The LED wall panels offer the best lighting in all respects. The panels are fully integrated into the wall and are therefore easy to clean. The holders for the glass platforms are incorporated into the wall panels, which preserves the flexibility and adjustability of the interior. When opening the door, the intensity of the lighting is slowly increased.

Storage is a breeze.

The variable egg rack can accommodate up to 20 chicken eggs or 28 quail eggs. The extendable egg rack can be placed in different places in the refrigerator and fits both on the glass platform and in the door compartments.

It butters nicely.

The butter fleet is ideal for storing butter. The butter fleet can be operated with one hand, fits in all door pockets and is suitable for the dishwasher.

SmartSteel: in a class of its own.

The SmartSteel interior gives the interior an appearance of class. SmartSteel is robust, hygienic and food safe and because the back wall remains dry, products cannot freeze. The SmartSteel interior is easy to clean with a microfiber cloth.

Extravagant appearance.

The GlossyBlack housing of the PowerCooling with LED lighting gives an extra dimension to the interior. The intensity of the lighting is slowly increased when the door is opened.

Baking ready? Let's cool down.

All built-in refrigerators and fridge / freezer combinations are suitable for sliding a baking sheet directly into. Ideal in preparation and during baking. At 90° door opening, insertion and removal of the baking sheet is possible.

Perfect view in the pulled-out BioFresh drawers.

The contents of the BioFresh charging are always clearly visible thanks to the LED lighting. The LEDs are integrated at the bottom of the separation plate; the bright lighting comes directly from above.

Fresh smelling refrigerator with an even temperature.

PowerCooling ensures an even and constant temperature. The FreshAir filter integrated into the PowerCooling cleans the air and quickly absorbs unpleasant odours. The control panel displays a notification when the filter needs to be replaced. You can easily order replacement filters in our accessory webshop.

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