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ICN 3376 Premium NoFrost Built-In Fridge With Freezer

ICN 3376 Premium NoFrost Built-In Fridge With Freezer


Premium integrated Combi fridge / freezer, A++ energy rating, Door on Door, NoFrost, LED light column, capacity fridge 193ltr / freezer 62ltr, SN-T, size 56-57cm (w) x at least 55cm (d) x 177.2-178.8cm (h)

An innovative touchscreen control panel with LCD display allows you to set and maintain the selected temperature in the wine compartments. The digital display shows the temperature with an accuracy of a degree, and using the touch control is convenient to select and configure all the necessary functions. A beep warns you of any irregularities in the operation — for example, if the door is left open — and the child protection function prevents any accidental change of settings.



The moisture level in the BioCool container can be adjusted so that the fruits and vegetables in this compartment of the refrigerator stay fresh longer.


The VarioSafe container helps maintain order and provides a good overview. It is very convenient for small items: bags, tubes and glasses. Retractable container can be placed at different levels of the LED column.

DuoCooling system

Due to the presence of two independent refrigeration circuits, the DuoCooling system allows you to precisely adjust the temperature in the fridge and freezer compartments of the combined fridge-freezer. Also due to this, there is no air exchange between the refrigerator and freezer. This prevents the transfer of odor and "obvetrivaniyu" stored food.

NoFrost system

Thanks to the use of modern professional cooling technologies, Liebherr equipment with the NoFrost system provides long-term storage of frozen products. Freezing is carried out by circulating cooled air and draining excess moisture. As a result, ice does not form in the freezer, and frozen food is not covered with a layer of frost. With the NoFrost system, you will forget about the need to defrost the freezer.

Interior of the GlassLine refrigerator compartment door with VarioBox containers

The shelves of the GlassLine series door have a tempered glass bottom and an elegant plastic frame, stainless steel trim, and adjustable holders for safe storage of bottles and glasses. Two removable VarioBox containers are perfect for small items: everything inside is clearly visible through the transparent lid and wall. The stoppers ensure that the containers are securely fastened, so that you can not be afraid that the VarioBox will fall.

The door closer with the SoftSystem system

SoftSystem closure depreciation system is very convenient and demonstrates its effectiveness in everyday use. The built-in SoftSystem system slows down the movement of the door and even when fully loaded the internal shelves of the door gently closes it. In built-in appliances, the door automatically closes when it reaches the opening angle of approx. thirty.

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