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PlasmaMade Air Filter

Why Choose a PlasmaMade Air Filter for Your Cooker Hood?

Outdoor environments come with risks like pollen, allergen, and bacteria particles in the air. Once you move indoors the situation is even direr as there is less airflow. A plasma-type purifier filter cleans and disinfects outdoor and indoor air for a healthier living and cooking environment. The process also takes care of odours associated with cooking. One such technology is the PlasmaMade air filter, a revolutionary concept that purifies air in a convenient, non-invasive way. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative product below.

Why PlasmaMade?

Experience the benefit of fresh air while preparing food with the PlasmaMade air filter for your cooker hood. What makes it different from other extractors is the fact that you don’t need an outdoor exhaust. You can mount the filter system on any type of extractor hood as well. With this technology, you save money because of lower installation costs in addition to lower heating and cooling expenses.

Benefits of installing a PlasmaMade air filter

With the air filter mounted to the cooker hood, you can experience a healthier cooking environment, whether indoors or outdoors. Benefit from an environment that’s free of odours, pollutants, bacteria, and pollen.

Two options to meet your application requirements

The PlasmaMade is available in flat and round models to meet your application needs.

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How does the PlasmaMade work?

Once the filter has been installed, the airflow activates the electronics to convert contaminated air into clean air and CO². This is achieved through a natural process and the clean air is circulated back into the room. With this filter, you don’t have to deal with a heavy fat odour that can dampen your appetite.

Product focus: PlasmaMade AirFilter GUC1212

Made specifically for the new NEN 7120 January 2021 cooker hoods for recirculation of air, the GUC1212 unit should be used in combination with the PlasmaMade VAN2410 motor. It is made for a hood with no standby consumption, and uses less than 40W an hour.

The filter is installed on the cooker hood motor’s exhaust and is connected to an electronic cord that’s fitted with a 12V adapter. The Active Air Controlled System is installed in the filter for activation of the filter. The system works through the production of cluster ions, which collide with airborne particles like pollen, viruses, and allergens. This process leads to a change in the active hydroxyl radical OH groups of ions, which then attach to the airborne particles. A chemical reaction causes hydrogen molecules to disarm the airborne particles of their payloads.

As a widely used and well-tested filtering method, the PlasmaMade air filter system is considered the safest and healthiest way to clean air. The filter doesn’t need a mechanical pre-filtering system to be effective.

Using the EBM Motor EC-radial ventilator along with the GUC1212 filter, it is possible to make different combinations. For example, you can use it for a ceiling or island hood by just turning the air-ducting ABS.

Features of the GUC1212

This model is specifically designed for passive houses and works with hoods that have an EBM motor. It can be fitted on a round 100 mm hood exhaust. Airflow activates the motor while the LED displays shows when there is flow. The advanced technology of the system makes it possible to reduce hood noise by up to 25%. From dust to pollen, bacteria, odours, and viruses can be eliminated for cleaner and healthier air.

It is convenience at its best with the automatic airflow detection and self-cleaning functionality. The system also includes a high-density active carbon filter to capture excess ozone O3. Mounting can be done fast, making it possible to have clean airflow almost instantly. The device also comes with a five-year warranty, which speaks to its durability and low cost of ownership over its lifetime.

Where to get the PlasmaMade air filter system in South Africa

You can get the PlasmaMade air filter system and relevant components from Euro Appliances in South Africa. We have showrooms in Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg where you can view the products and their applications. You can also request a quote online for delivery of the product to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa.

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