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Modern and Luxury Kitchen Appliances

Modern and Luxury Kitchen Appliances: A Wide Range of Brands Available

Euro Appliances is a premium supplier of modern and luxury kitchen appliances. The family-owned business has a proven track record of product and service excellence dating back to 1996. With the vision of being a trusted retail outlet that caters for the supply of exclusive household appliance products, every brand in the portfolio ranks among the best manufacturers when it comes to household devices.

Apart from the top-of-the-range products, we also pride ourselves in delivering bespoke add-on services. Shopping for modern and luxury kitchen appliances has never been easier and more convenient. We have showrooms in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg where you can view the products in home environment settings. In addition, you can attend product demonstrations, giving you insight as to how each product works, enabling you to make an informed buying decision.

Wide range of brands available

You can now get hold of luxury kitchen appliances from brands including Kaelo, AGA, and Liebherr in South Africa, in addition to:

  • Miele
  • Studioline
  • Smeg
  • Steel
  • Siemens
  • Jura
  • V-Zug
  • Gaggenau
  • Viking
  • PlasmaMade
  • U-Line
  • Coolline
  • Pitt
  • Teffcold
  • Bosch

Wide range of kitchen appliances available

From ovens to hobs, stoves, induction cookers, and gas cookers form part of our product portfolio. In addition, we sell luxury wine coolers and cabinets, fridges, freezers, combination units, washing machines, dishwashers, as well as coffee machines and unique dry-cleaning systems.

When you shop at Euro Appliances, you can outfit your entire kitchen and washroom with quality devices from select leading brands. Investing in devices from us means you make a once-off investment as these products are durable and designed to meet your long-term requirements.

Modern and Luxury Kitchen Appliances

We understand the importance of choosing the right equipment to fit your home or restaurant and usage needs. As such, we offer personalised services, downloadable brochures, demonstrations and expert consultation to ensure you get the luxury kitchen appliances that meet your needs.

What sets us apart is the focus on high-quality products and value-adding services. The product knowledge of our consultants makes it easier to buy equipment that’s right for you. We don’t represent just one brand. As such, you can rely on our consultants to provide you with unbiased guidance.

Who makes use of our services?

From interior designers and architects to restaurant consultants, kitchen companies, and even homeowners rely on our expertise and trust in the products we sell. Our consultants help with the selection of the right model, choosing between brands, deciding on the most important features, and giving you information about the technical specifications for each product.

Should you shop online or visit one of our showrooms?

The online shop offers a convenient way to buy smaller appliances and consumables. These are delivered to your doorstep. We also offer secure payment options for online orders with live chat help available for questions on the appliances or ordering process.

The showrooms in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town enable you to view the kitchen appliances in functional settings. This makes it easier to visualise how these products will fit into your home. In addition, you get personalised help and the opportunity to see how the products work. Drop in for a cup of coffee and chat with our consultants regarding your specific preferences and feature requirements.

Showcase events

Every now and then you can attend a showcase event. For instance, the Miele showcase event in Pretoria enables you to see products from the brand in action. This type of event is useful to gain a glimpse of what a particular brand offers.

Final thoughts on buying kitchen equipment through Euro Appliances

Many items in your home are for lifetime usage. This is especially true for the kitchen. Making the right investment starts with having the necessary information and expertise available to make an informed decision. We make the process easier and more enjoyable. Reach out to discuss your particular equipment needs and we’ll make sure you get only the best service and products.

Speak to an expert today.

We have showrooms based in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, please feel free to visit our showrooms.
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