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Liebherr Wine Cooler

Finding the Right Liebherr Wine Cooler for Your Collection

Wine fridges offer wine connoisseurs the perfect storage solution for their wine bottles. They ensure temperature stability and allow wines to develop their ‘full flavour profile.” Wine fridges also add an air of elegance to any home and are the perfect addition for anyone who loves entertaining. So, why might a Liebherr wine cooler be worth the investment? If you’re an avid wine collector, there are many scintillating perks to owning one.

Reasons to Consider a Wine Cooler

If you need that extra nudge before investing in a wine cooler, here are some exciting reasons that might persuade you to take the leap.

  • Preserves wine and keeps it at the optimum temperature: Wine fridges regulate humidity levels, ensuring that wine bottles’ corks stay wet and thereby extending their lifespan by slowing down the ageing process and enhancing the integrity of the wine. Moreover, wine fridges create a “stable temperature zone” to make sure wine ages perfectly and have specialised features so that light cannot get in and destroy the integrity of the wine.
  • They’re more cost-effective and ergonomic than wine cellars: Wine coolers are a cost-effective way to store wine optimally. Rather than having to build a wine cellar, homeowners can choose built-in or freestanding Liebherr wine coolers to store their wine at ideal temperatures. This is a brilliant solution for wine collections in home settings. Wine fridges allow wine lovers to store their wine efficiently in any space without the hassle or cost of building an entire cellar.
  • They’re great for entertaining: If you love entertaining and often host events, your wine cooler can extend to a beverage cooler, offering more storage space. Having a fridge entirely dedicated to beverages is incredibly useful if you have a penchant for hosting parties and entertaining.

Choosing the Right Liebherr Wine Cooler

Liebherr wine coolers are renowned for their stylish and durable designs and their incredible functionality which mimics that of a wine cellar. They have a wide range of wine cooler options, including integrated fridges, freestanding ones, and under-worktop ones. Two popular models include:

  • EWTdf 1653 Vinidor Built-In Wine Cabinet: This integrated model boasts elegance and optimal functionality. With four storage shelves and two pull-out shelves on telescopic rails, this model can store 30 Bordeaux bottles. Special features include an activated charcoal filter to purify the air and further preserve wine, reversible door hinges for optimal use in any location, and a door alarm to alert users that the door has been left open for more than 60 seconds.
  • UWKes 1752 GrandCru Under-Worktop Wine Chiller: This under-worktop cooler integrates seamlessly into your work counter, making the most of your space. With three wooden shelves on specialises telescopic rails, it stores 46 Bordeaux bottles. Top features include high energy efficiency, audible and visual warning systems, an insulated, glazed reversible door, and an internal digital display.
Liebherr Wine Cooler

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Finding the right Liebherr wine cooler is a hugely personal decision and will depend on the size of your wine collection, design preferences, and space. Visit your nearest Euro Appliances store and chat with our knowledgeable customer assistants to find the best Liebherr wine cooler for your home. 

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