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Liebherr Integrated Wine Coolers

Discover Why Liebherr Integrated Wine Coolers Set the Standard for Beverage Cabinets

The Liebherr brand is renowned for its attention to detail which is evident in its range of integrated wine coolers. Add style, luxury and functionality to your kitchen, entertainment area or bar with one of the brand’s built-in cabinets, some of which are introduced below.

WKEgb 582 GrandCru cabinet

The WKEgb 582 is one of the exceptionally energy-efficient Liebherr integrated wine coolers with its A+ energy rating, child-proof feature and warning systems. It houses 18 Bordeaux bottles and has a capacity of 46 litres. The aesthetically pleasing cooler comes with two pull-out shelves that operate on telescopic rails in addition to three wooden shelves.

What makes this cooler unique is the built-in heater that allows for temperatures to go over the ambient temperature, making it possible to bring the wine to a suitable and enjoyable drinking temperature within minutes.

Liebherr Integrated Wine Coolers

The door comes with a built-in alarm that sounds when the door is left open for longer than 60 seconds. This prevents the temperature from being affected. It also features a child safety lock to prevent unauthorised switching off.

With perfect temperature control possible, the best temperature range for the maturing of the wine is achieved, which lies between 10°C and 12°C. The beverages are also protected against surrounding odours, which could affect the quality of the wine. This is achieved through the FreshAir filter that contains activated charcoal. The filter can also be replaced when needed.

Further protection is given through the low-vibration compressor system that prevents tannin sediment from settling. Since humidity is another important factor in preventing corks from drying out and letting air into the bottles, the cabinet maintains a 50% humidity level and can be adjusted through the ventilation control option.

WKEgw 582 GrandCru

The introduction to Liebherr integrated wine cabinets is not complete without mentioning the smaller built-in WKEgw 582 GrandCru. It’s similar to the WKEgb 582 and has an A+ energy efficiency rating, sports an internal display, comes with the TipOpen technology white glass door, visual and audible alerting, and low vibration storage technology. In addition, it features the child lock safety to prevent switch-off, the activated charcoal filter and controllable temperature range. The cabinet can fit 18 Bordeaux-sized bottles and has a capacity of 46 litres.

UWTgb 1682-20 under worktop Liebherr integrated wine coolers

The UWTgb 1682-20 is an integrated Vinidor that comes with an A energy efficiency rating. It has a flush-mounted door that’s insulated and boasts TipOpen technology. The chillers in this range come with attractive internal digital displays and offer two temperature zones.

The cabinets have three wooden shelves, which are fitted on telescopic rails. As with the WKEgb 582 GrandCru, the UWTgb 1682-20 comes with audible and visible alerting to prevent spoiling of the stored items due to an open door. Each unit can fit 34 Bordeaux-sized bottles and has a 94 litres capacity.

Liebherr Integrated Wine Coolers

This is the ideal cooler type for under-counter beverage storage. With its subtle elegance and flush-mounted design, the chiller integrates seamlessly with your bar or kitchen island.

EWTgw 3583 Vinidor

Another one of the Liebherr integrated wine coolers with optimal temperature control, the EWTgw 3583 Vinidor is a full cabinet storage system to mature the beverage at the right humidity level and temperature. It also boasts an A energy efficiency rating and comes with a TipOpen Technology-operated, white-glazed and insulated glass door.

The unit features an attractive internal temperature display with two temperature zones and has many cooler shelves, making it well-suited for storing a wide range of your favourite wines. With ten storages shelves of which eight are pull-out types on telescopic rails, the cooler can fit as many as 83 Bordeaux-sized bottles and sports a capacity of 271 litres.

Precision temperature regulation is possible for up to three individual bottles through the three specially-designed safes. These can hold red and white wine and even champagne at their optimal serving temperatures. With individual bottle temperature control possible to meet the beverage type and its size, it’s possible to serve drinks at the exact required temperature needed.

As with the other Liebherr integrated wine coolers, the EWTgw 3583 Vinidor comes with a child lock and door alarm features. It also has reversible door hinges and features the state-of-the-art activated FreshAir charcoal filter.

With advanced technology and attractive designs, these cabinets fit discerning home environments.  Discover even more features and options. View the full range of Liebherr integrated wine coolers available from Euro Appliances.

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