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Kaelo Beverage Coolers

Innovative Wine Cooling Technology with Kaelo Beverage Coolers

Picture this: It's a hot summer's day, and you're sitting around the table with friends. As the wine and conversation flow, the host reaches for the bottle, tops up your glass of crisp white wine and effortlessly places the open bottle into an integrated wine cooler on the tabletop. Despite the sweltering heat outside, the vino remains optimally chilled until the next round is filled. This is all thanks to the Kaelo integrated beverage cooler, seamlessly integrated into almost any surface.

If you're looking for an advanced technology cooler that keeps beverages chilled to perfection, Kaelo beverage coolers are the perfect addition to your home, lodge, or guesthouse. The patented technology is ergonomically handcrafted by master artisans in the Cotswolds, England, and will successfully keep all wine bottles at a temperature of between 1 and 2 degrees of opening temperature. With smart, simple touch technology, this is an effortless way to keep beverages cool without the need for ice buckets.

Kaelo Beverage Coolers use Innovative Technology

Kaelo beverage coolers have been adapted from specialised Kryolux technology, which was initially utilised in military and medical settings to keep samples and materials safe without needing ice or bulky refrigerators. The patented system keeps bottles chilled, all the while ensuring that the surface of the bottle stays dry. Moreover, it's also exceptionally energy efficient. In fact, "a 60-watt lightbulb uses more energy than this technology."

Kaelo Beverage Coolers

Features of Kaelo Beverage Coolers 

Kaelo beverage coolers have several impressive features. These include:

  • Effortlessly integrated into nearly any surface: Say goodbye to clunky ice buckets and hello to seamless, stylish design. Kaelo beverage coolers can be easily integrated into almost any surface, from kitchen worktops and counters to outside tables and bars.
  • Ergonomic, robust design: Kaelo beverage coolers are designed with precision and excellence in mind. Comprised of a durable hard-anodised bottle chamber and a solid stainless steel crown, each model is carefully crafted by hand and includes a signature from the maker. The chamber is also purposely made wider (103 mm) to house different-shaped bottles, like Dom Perignon and Krug.
  • Easy to use, touch technology:  Effortless cooling happens with simple touch-control technology. Just touch the crown and enjoy its impressive dry cooling capabilities.
  • Versatile colour options: Kaelo beverage coolers are available in a range of finishes to suit every aesthetic style. Opt for a brushed or mirror-polished finish and choose between four premium colours for the crown, including brass, copper, gun metal, and black.

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If you love hosting events or often encounter unexpected visitors, Kaelo beverage coolers are a must-have integrated cooling system for your home. Be sure to also browse our extensive beverage cooling portfolio, including Gaggenau wine cooling cabinets, Liebherr integrated wine coolers as well as Miele wine refrigerators. When it comes to impressive beverage cooling technology, Euro Appliances is the place to be. Find your nearest showroom today.

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