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Jura Z10 – The Ultimate Coffee and Espresso Machine

Coffee is now more fulfilling than ever and you don't need anything other than your Jura Z10 to enjoy it.

The Jura Z10 stands out from other coffee machines for several reasons. So, what makes it one of the trendiest hot and cold coffee and espresso makers in the high-end appliance market? To start, consider these:

  • Compatible with an extensive range of coffee pods and ground beans – perfect for the connoisseur.
  • Self-cleaning – the machine comes with a self-clean cycle, meets high hygiene standards and has a drip tray.
  • Durable – like other Jura appliances, this hot and cold espresso maker is made from superior quality materials.
  • Modern design – fit for the upmarket contemporary home.
  • Innovative intuitive design – to allow for easy usage with features like the one-touch functionality.
  • Customisable settings to meet your taste intensity preference.
  • Hot and cold brewing methods.
  • Variety of specialities – easily brew your favourite speciality like Caffè Latte, Macchiato or Cortado, etc., for a strong brew beverage in the morning.
  • Designed for convenience with its built-in filter system, cup-warming tray and intelligent pre-heating for faster brews.
  • Adjustable brew strength to meet your taste requirements.

The Jura Z10 is a must-have for the coffee connoisseur because it gives twice as many specialities as the conventional coffee maker. Featuring the hot and cold brew functionalities, you can have your brew the way you enjoy it. The Product Recognising Grinder (P.R.G.) enables the machine to identify the selected speciality for accurate adjustment of the grind. A finer grind gives a more intense flavour while the coarser grind provides for a milder taste. See how the P.R.G. technology makes every brew perfect in this demonstration video.

Adjustment is automatic and in a split second. You won’t have to wait and can look forward to a quick cup of the finest brew any time of the day. With its 3D brewing technology, the Jura Z10 provides precision control over fluid flow and taste balance.

Cold extraction process for a refreshing taste

The innovative technology entails slow pulsing of cold water through the freshly ground beans for maximum taste. High pressure is applied to bring the cold water through the grounded beans. With finer crushed beans pressed for optimal density, the water takes longer to flow through the beans. This enables higher uptake of the aroma, which results in a more intense flavour. With coarsely grounded beans, the water flows through quicker for a milder taste. Now you can have the exact brew strength to match your taste preference.

Innovative design for ease of use and counter appeal

Not only is the Jura Z10 an attractive addition to any kitchen or entertainment area, but it’s also easy to use. The luxury coffee machine comes with a double-speed touch display for intuitive operation. With the smooth lines of the appliance design, the machine embodies the comfort and aesthetic appeal of futuristic appliances. Every aspect of the design and materials used resonates quality, making the coffee machine a true ambassador of luxury and elegance. The amber cup illumination adds to its appeal, while also making it possible to see the exact spot of the cup even in low-light conditions.

Jura Z10 provides for a range of brew specialities

Apart from the conventional cup of extra-strong espresso, the machine gives you a cold brew espresso, coffee and cold brew coffee. Whether you enjoy your cappuccino with an extra short or prefer it the traditional way, the machine puts out every time. For every speciality, you have the option of conventional or cold brew. Enjoy from a Lungo Barista to a Caffè Latte, a flat white to a flat white with an extra shot. You can even set it to produce hot water for a cup of green tea. See the full range of brew specialities here.

Energy efficient for sustainable living

It comes with an energy save mode, a zero-energy switch and a programmable switch-off time. Now you can use less energy and save power when the machine is not in use.

Take coffee and espresso brewing to the next level with the Jura Z10

Ready to become the proud owner of the luxurious Jura Z10 coffee and espresso machine? Shop now and get it while stocks last.

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