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Owning a Jura coffee machine is a statement of perfection. Jura has since the very first launch of their automatic coffee and espresso appliances concentrated on innovative functions to give coffee lovers the best products. Made in the Swiss tradition of precision, the appliances are designed to make beverage brewing easier, more delightful and, yet, with the same quality you’d expect from a master chef.

Now you can order your Jura coffee machine from Euro Appliances or visit one of our showrooms to feast your eyes on the wide range available, including the A1, E6, ENA8, E8, WE8, Z6, X8 and Z10, all priced under R50K.

What makes Jura coffee and espresso machines so popular?

Reliable and exact operation are made possible due to the dedication of a team of 70 engineers. They made it their goal to design devices capable of producing the perfect cup of brew every time through the simple touch of a button. The brand has also introduced the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P®) technology that shortens the time you have to wait without compromising on quality. It’s also this technology that enables the device to brew shorter speciality brews without loss of aroma, flavour and boldness. This is especially important in a busy restaurant where many cups must be served in the hour.

A closer look at some of the Jura coffee machines in the domestic range highlights the features that set the brand’s appliances apart.

A1 – Compact, but versatile and fast for the single brew

This Jura coffee machine with its compact design can fit on just about any counter. It has a slimline design and offers a single cup of hot brew at a time. This is the device to purchase if you’re a connoisseur, wanting the first cup of brew in the morning to be the aromatic delight that will set the tone for the rest of your day. With the P.E.P® technology in place, the appliance delivers superb brew quality regardless of whether you want a conventional cup of coffee, an espresso or ristretto.

Jura A1 Coffee Machine

The appliance features a multi-level AromaG3 grinder to create the quality base grounded coffee while preserving the rich aroma you’d expect to find only in a true barista bar. The grinder now offers double the speed, giving you the opportunity to enjoy more cups of hot brew in a shorter time. View the A1’s features and learn more about this miracle design that ensures rich and flavourful brews with only the touch of the desired selection through the intuitive touch panel.

E6 – Simplified operation and many specialities

Another Jura coffee machine priced under R50K, the E6 is just as impressive as the A1. With up to 11 specialities to select from you would think that the apparatus must be complex. On the contrary. It comes with buttons in the front of the device, making it possible to see and use the selection options whether you’re short or tall. The machine features CLARIS Smart technology that filters the water for the perfect base liquid. It works in conjunction with the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S®), which automatically detects if a filter is

present. The appliance also has a built-in maintenance system for optimal reliability while the milk spout is interchangeable, giving you the opportunity to use a clean and hygienic milk spout for the next brew.

Jura E6 Coffee Machine

Besides the conventional and speciality brews, the E6 makes macchiato, lungo Barista, espresso doppio and caffè Barista as perfect as it gets. Have a look at the magnificence offered by the E6.

E8 – The latest model of Jura coffee machines in the domestic range

The appliance design boasts functionalities normally reserved for the premium brew machines. It offers as many as 17 specialities, making it the connoisseur’s dream appliance. The appliance produces brews like the lungo Barista and the latte macchiato to a standard you’d expect from a device reserved only for the high-end barista lounges. If you want to add a bit of extra intensity to your cappuccino, simply use the Extra Shot option. You don’t even have to perform the milk cleaning function as it is automated. You only need to touch a button.

Learn more about the E8 first-class brewing functions here.

To conclude

Jura offers a comprehensive range of coffee machines to suit your specific specialities, ease-of-use and price range requirements. Visit one of our showrooms in Pretoria, Cape Town or Johannesburg to view these appliances, or reach out to one of our experts for more information about any of the appliances in this range.

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