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Introducing the New Miele Dialog Oven – Cooking Reinvented

Miele Dialog Oven

With revolutionary design and functionality enhancements, Miele has reinvented the way we cook with the new World-First Dialog oven. We as Euro Appliances, being the “ONLY” kitchen appliances specialist considers the Dialog oven to be one of the most advanced introductions in 2020 to the appliance market. It is faster, more efficient, stylish, loaded with technology and one of the most versatile cooking products, guaranteeing the best results.

Introduced for the first time ever, electromagnetic waves as a technology has been arrayed in a manner where it responds to food texture in an intelligent manner. When cooking meats or fish or even vegetables the oven compliments the cooking process in such a uniform manner it will retain the nutritious juices and values of the food that is cooked. By introducing this innovative technology, the oven allows for cooking processes where you can cook fish in a solid block of ice without melting the ice, or even veal in a jacket of beeswax without melting the wax. The Dialog oven can cook food at 70% less time than using conventional cooking methods.
Miele Dialog Oven

How does it work?

Miele has what they call M-Chef technology – The array range of functions and quality of results originate from this exclusive design. The technology applies electromagnetic waves to the food that generates energy in the cooking process, the waves are different to that of what we would find in a normal microwave oven. Lower levels of power are applied and uses a broad-spectrum frequency instead of a single channel. By using two antennas the Dialog oven has modular unit generating the electromagnetic waves in specific frequencies and is then distributed in the oven. These antennas also have the function of providing the Dialog oven with feedback on the amount of energy absorbed by the food ensuring the perfect cooked meal.
Furthermore, to the M-Chef technology, food is cooked volumetrically. Take for example a meat fillet, cooked inside and out with that even pink delicious colour from edge to core. Accomplishing this with a normal conventional oven is not that easy, and the reason for this is that heat travels from outside the fillet to the core, this then leaves the inside perfectly cooked however the outer layer often overcooked.
Not only does the Dialog oven offer the M-Chef but also the well-known Miele M-Touch display with multiple cooking features and products and also the pyrolytic/self-cleaning feature.


As we all are aware, the technology trend has been advancing to such an extent where we can control almost everything through our mobile devices. Miele is at the forefront with technology introducing the Miele@mobile application, changing the way you cook. Not only adding a convenient aspect to cooking but the Dialog oven connectivity allows for additional cooking pleasure. The Miele@mobile app features a recipe option, now you can plan your cooking and experiment with new ideas every time you want to prepare a meal. The app allows for food preparation videos to assist with the cooking process as well as a shopping list. Further to these advantages you can transfer a recipe directly to the oven.
Miele Dialog Oven
Euro Appliances Gauteng being a specialist in a range of the Worlds most Luxurious brands in kitchen appliances identifies the Miele Dialog oven to be one of the most innovative products to have entered the appliance market. We are very exited to be a proud supplier of the Miele range and the quality of living that is associated with the products and innovations it introduces to the way people prepare food. These new revolutionary technologies allow for more efficient planning, innovative dish preparation, quicker cooking times and most import, it is a healthy and nutrient way of preparing any dish.

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