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Introducing Siemens studioLine

Siemens studioLine

For those who want to set themselves apart from every standard.

Siemens studioLine constantly questions the status quo to come up with new fascinating combinations of technology and design.

Introducing studioLine from Siemens. The premium range of built in cooking appliances curated for outstanding kitchens. studioLine will be launched in South Africa from February 2019 with select partners who share the same values and finesse as the brand. Euro Appliances will be one of the first partners to launch the exclusive range within Southern Africa.

We all place great demands on ourselves. We just want the best, and this in every aspect of our life. And as well as we claim the best from us, we claim the best from our environment. At least, this aspiration is now fulfilled in the kitchen. Since Siemens challenge themselves to redefine the kitchen every time they introduce a new studioLine range to the market. The goal: exceeding the expectations and offering everyone who searches for more than just a kitchen appliance, something that fits their lifestyle and their individual ideas.

The two most important elements in this process are always the same: technology and design. In the philosophy of studioLine, neither of both is exciting on its own. The form has to match the function as well as to fit the aspirations of its owner. Likewise, the technology would be nothing without a design that encourages to engage the appliance, and exceeds everything you would expect from a kitchen appliance.

Siemens studioLine

In terms of technology, the new studioLine range offers special functions for everyone who not only wants to cook but create something special: an integrated sous-vide function of the oven that keeps the vitamins and flavourings stronger than normal cooking to provide an outstanding experience of taste. A cooktop, where you can move pots and pans completely free across the surface – and intuitive features like the emotionLight Pro to adapt the light in the kitchen to your personal taste or mood.

Perfectly matching these innovations, every appliance convinces with high-quality materials and a finger-flattering feel. The noble blackSteel design gives every appliance a concise look without being obtrusive. Straight lines and a noble as well as consistent colouring, provide a harmonious overall image that turns the kitchen into an exclusive place that outshines every living room.

If you’re interested, the exclusivity doesn’t stop – but goes on with exclusive services for every customer like individual consulting, delivery or a special guarantee extension.

Siemens. The future moving in.

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