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Integrated Wine Cooler

Why Every Elegant Home Must Have a Kaelo Integrated Wine Cooler

Want a solution for drip, ice, and temperature control of your beverages? Then you’ll love the luxurious Kaelo, an aesthetically pleasing, low-energy integrated wine cooler that fits into your dining table or countertop. It requires no ice, doesn’t cause moisture build-up, and is easy to operate.

If you love wine and want to keep it at the perfect temperature during social events without hassle, then Kaelo is the perfect integrated wine cooler for your home.

Kaelo was created for connoisseurs who care about the presentation and serving of wine at any given moment. Whether for your home or in a restaurant, the brand provides a solution to ensure optimal enjoyment of your favourite wines without having to plan ahead.

It is the perfect solution to keep bottles at optimal temperatures, eliminating the need for using ice and risking wet bottles or water dripping onto surfaces due to moisture build-up.

With its elegant design, it looks great in the kitchen, bar, dining room, veranda, entertainment area or any restaurant.

Ideal temperature

Keeping the bottle at the ideal temperature is as straightforward as taking the already cooled bottle and putting it in the integrated wine cooler. Just touch the crown section of the device and Kaelo will do the rest. The wine stays at a temperature of 1-2 degrees Celsius from the original cooling temperature with no need to add ice.

Design to fit the modern entertainment environment

With an elegant design, the integrated cooler fits any contemporary styled restaurant or home environment. Whether for a public or intimate setting, the device fits the discerning styled environment perfectly.

Cutting edge technology

The patented technology creates a pocket of cold air around the bottle to keep it chilled without the need to add ice. Kryolux™, as the cooling operation is known, originated in the bio-medical industry and has been adapted for commercial use. With this technology, the bottle is cooled down in the time it takes your guests to declare their admiration for the cooling system. It literally takes seconds.

Energy-efficient system

Modern life is about sustainability. Energy-efficiency of devices has become a trendy topic, and the Kaelo is more efficient than a 60-watt light bulb.

Integrated Wine Cooler

Precision workmanship

The integrated wine cooler is impressive because of the precision engineering that goes into it. It is made in Cotswolds by engineers with years of experience in this type of technology. What’s equally impressive is that the wine coolers have been designed to even fit larger bottles. The 103 mm wide chamber easily fits 75cl bottles, including Dom Perignon and Krug shapes.

Every component and section of the Kaelo is subjected to performance, safety, design, and manufacturing testing. With such rigorous testing, you have the assurance of optimal functioning, safety, and durability. This gives us the confidence to offer our customers a 2-year unit replacement warranty with all Kaelo purchases.

Crown technology

The crown part is visible from the surface. This is made from a solid stainless-steel sheet and it is mirror polished instead of chrome plated. You can also order it in a brushed finish.

The crown section is available in five different colours to match your ideal setting. The chamber is anodised, giving it extra strength and each component is calibrated for optimal working. If you’re looking for a stylish way to keep opened bottles at the right temperature, then you cannot go wrong with Kaelo.

It features state-of-the-art technology. Simply touch the device without the assistance of a remote control or additional buttons. With a simple touch, it gets into operation mode, and you have as many as 27 ambient light colours to choose from to add another layer of aesthetic appeal and ambience.

Want an extra unit apart from the integrated wine cooler?

Why not order two or three free-standing Kaelo units in addition to the integrated one for your home? With these, you can place a cooler wherever you plan to entertain. The stand-alone units are available in oak, satin black, arctic white or walnut finishes to fit a wide range of settings.

Where to buy

Forget about wet bottles and incorrect temperatures. Make sure you serve drinks at the optimal temperature with a stand-alone or integrated wine cooler.

Order your Kaelo here at Euro Appliances for delivery anywhere in South Africa. Known for our premium quality, high-end home and restaurant appliances, we provide you with superb product guarantees and excellent service to meet your needs.

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