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Induction Cooktops

Ever since early humans discovered how to make fire, people have been eager to cook with it. Over time, cooking techniques have become ever more sophisticated and efficient, as well as more portable and compact. Today, one of the newest and most benefit-rich cooking methods is called “induction.”

What is induction?

Induction is a term that refers to a specific method for generating heat. A traditional stove uses radiant heat to cook your food. A microwave oven uses micro, or small energy waves, to do the same. An induction range uses electromagnetism to cook food inside the pot or pan.

With induction, there is an electromagnetic reaction between the burner and the pot or pan itself. If there is no pot or pan on the burner, just turning the burner on will not generate any heat. The key to making an induction stove work is to use a specific type of pot. You need to use a magnetic pot or pan in order to generate the electromagnetic reaction that will cook the food. Typically, this will mean using cast iron or magnetic stainless steel.

Some advantages of using an Induction Cooktop

#1: Induction cooking is fast.

Because of the rapid response of the electromagnetic cycle, you can shave up to 50 percent off your average cook times for many of your favorite meals.

#2: Induction cooking is planet-friendly.

Since induction cooking is faster than traditional stovetop cooking, it also uses less energy. It generates almost no heat (any heat will be in the pot or pan and not coming from the stovetop itself). This makes for less energy usage and lower energy bills.

#3: Induction cooking is safer.

Induction uses the electromagnetic reaction to heat the contents in the pan or pot. The burner will remain cool throughout the process. Within a second or two of turning off the burner, both the pan and burner instantly become much cooler, making burns much less likely.

Should you consider to buy an induction cooktop?

If you like the speed and control of gas, but prefer the wipe-clean convenience of a ceramic cooktop, and the relatively high initial purchase cost is not an issue, induction cooking might be worth considering.

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