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How the Kaelo Wine Cooler Makes Life Great

Unexpected guests? Want to serve them wine chilled to perfection? Then you will be amazed by the revolutionary Kaelo wine cooler. Let’s take a closer look at how it works, why you need one in your house or every lodge room, why the specific brand, and what technology makes the wine cooler designed to stay in vogue for generations to come. But first, let’s discover the inspiration for this pioneer wine cooler.

Origin of the wine cooler concept

You guessed right. It was the frustration of having to deal with water dripping from the side of a wine bottle that led to the innovative design of the wine cooler. An effortless and drip-free solution was needed as an alternative to the conventional ice bucket. It took seven years and more than 3000 prototypes to bring about the launch of the Kaelo in 2016.

What does this device do?

Advances in technology have made it possible to create chilling systems that work instantly. The Kaelo wine cooler is the perfect example of what cutting-edge technology can mean for modern living. The exceptionally stylish and compact cooler keeps the fluid perfectly chilled once you have placed an open bottle of wine in it.

kaelo integrated wine cooler

How the Kaelo improves your lifestyle

The secret to the usefulness of this wine cooler lies in its technology combined with the innovativeness of its design. It is not just another wine cooler. Instead, it is a device that will change your way of entertaining, or serving wine in a restaurant, and appreciating the consistent temperature of the beverage. Here’s why it is a must-have luxury:

1. Designed to fit into any surface

Forget about ice buckets. The Kaelowine cooler can be built into just about any table, kitchen or bar surface. This makes it suitable for a wide range of settings. It can be used to complement a bar fridge or you can use it as a standalone chill device.

2. Enhance the overall interior design of any space

Need a conversation piece? Integrate the Kaelo wine cooler into just about any surface for an aesthetically appealing enhancement of functionality. Embedded with smart-touch technology, it is one appliance that has the potential of becoming the focal point for social events.

3. No melting ice

It is hardly possible to control the cooling effect of ice in a bucket. The ice melts, causing the outside of a bottle immersed in the ice bath to become uncomfortably wet. Before you can serve the beverage, you first need to dry the bottle. This process is hardly ever mess-free. With theKaelowine cooler, you don’t have to refill the ice cooler or clean the ice bucket. Keep the wine at a temperature of 1-2 °C for maximum consistency.

4. Cutting-edge technology fit for the digital age

Kaelo features the Kryolux™ technology, which is a patented cooling system that makes it possible to keep the wine bottle chilled while it also keeps the bottle’s surface dry. The technology has its origin in medical and military-related applications, entailing the use of cold air to keep medical samples, stem cells and other materials at a constant temperature without using ice. Kryolux™ technology is super-fast, enabling chilling in seconds while also being exceptionally energy-efficient. A 60-watt lightbulb uses more energy than this technology.

kaelo integrated wine cooler

5. Convenience beyond imagination

Smart-touch technology in the crown allows for switching it on without a remote or a button. Simply touch it to commence the chill process. Choose from 27 light colours to fit the décor or ambience, simply by touching the crown.

6. Precision engineering and workmanship

Designed and hand-crafted in Europe by experienced craftsmen, the Kaelocrown curve is perfectly shaped. The bottle chamber is hard anodised for durability. Even the tension of every screw used in the wine cooler system is calibrated. You can expect optimal performance, maximum consistency and superior reliability when you buy a Kaelowine cooler. The crown is made from a single stainless-steel block. The hand-polished mirror or brushed finish creates a stunning appearance. With seven crown colours from which you can choose, you can select the style that will fit with your décor.

What about a free-standing Kaelo?

The free-standing version is the ideal gift for a friend who loves to entertain. It is also exceptionally useful in a restaurant setting for an ice and water-free solution that looks as amazing as it has been proven to be functional. Take it to the sofa, put it on a coffee table or place in the guestroom to keep opened wine cold.  We offer a selection of finishes, ranging from Oak and Walnut to Arctic White or the elegant Satin Black.

Want more information?

View more information here. Want to experience the effortlessness of the technologically-advanced wine cooler? Talk to us about a Kaelo to meet your décor and lifestyle needs.

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