Gaggenau, a pre-eminent brand from Germany, brings professional technology into private kitchens. Its award-winning products combine flawless functionality and design aesthetic, giving a new meaning to the term “haute kitchen”. With its reputation as the purveyor of the dream kitchen, Gaggenau is the preferred choice of many home owners.

...created by hand

At every stage of our appliances’ production, a craftsperson examines their work using hand and eye, seeking imperfections. This constant quality control protects an exceptional reputation built by hand, since 1683.

...a heritage of centuries

In over 330 years of constant change, we have learned that there are only three sacred constants in the production of the exceptional: the vision of the designer, the quality of materials and the skill of the craftsperson.

...performance that inspires.

Our appliances are designed to perform exceptionally, inspiring the private chef to create masterpieces as accomplished as those emerging from the professional kitchen. A place that also just happens to be our inspiration.

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