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Gaggenau Wine Fridges

How Gaggenau Wine Fridges Seamlessly Integrate into Your Home

Elegance is a mindset and lifestyle choice. Choosing one of the elegant integrated Gaggenau wine fridges or cabinets makes such a bold but elegant statement. These units fit seamlessly in the discerning environment of an upscale kitchen.

What makes the Gaggenau wine fridges different?

Rather ask how other beverage cabinets compare with these statements of style, but let’s take a closer look at why your kitchen is incomplete without one of the Vario 400 and 200 series cabinets.

These fridges are designed with all-year beverage cooling and storing in mind, similar to that offered by a cellar. Keeping your prized bottles at the perfect temperature and within reach for enjoyment need not involve a cellar. With the integrated Gaggenau fridges, you can have an elegant display of your collection while keeping them at the perfect temperature.

These cabinets are designed for optimal showcasing with optimal ambience lighting while being fully integrated with the overall look and feel of the kitchen.

Meet the 400 Series integrated Gaggenau wine fridges

With modular designs, you can add more cabinets as needed to create the ultimate cellar environment. The 400 series built-in units can be combined with other cooling appliances for optimal functionality. Just as with other appliances from the brand, you can control several functions through Home Connect, making it possible to maintain the storage environment without having to open the cabinet door.

Five light moods

Set the ambience by choosing a light setting of your choice from five pre-programmed options to highlight a selected bottle or range.

Easy access with special rest trays

Rest the collection on specially designed trays made from premium white oak set in anthracite aluminium trays. These trays can be pulled out for easy access to your prized bottles without having to disturb their resting positions.

Finish of choice

Ensure optimal integration with your kitchen cabinets by choosing the material finish to fit the cabinet or countertop. As an alternative, choose the classic and timeless stainless-steel finish that suits any modern kitchen environment. Gaggenau also offers you a choice between units with or without handles. With the modular design, you can eventually build a complete cooling wall, enabling you to have your cellar on full display to your guests.

Gaggenau Wine Fridges

Optimal temperature and humidity control

You can set as many as three temperature zones, enabling you to maintain the ideal storage environment for long-term storage and the perfect temperature for immediate enjoyment of the wine. Zone temperatures range between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius, ensuring the creation of perfect cellar temperature conditions. Add to this, constant humidity and suppressed vibrations, and you can see what sets Gaggenau fridges apart from other brands of wine cabinets. These units also feature activated charcoal for filtering aromas in addition to treated glass doors, which prevent UV-ray penetration.

Vario 200 series of Gaggenau wine fridges

These state-of-the-art cabinets come with finishes to match your kitchen setting or stainless-steel finishes that fit any environment. With perfect climate control, these units offer attractive displays with dimmable ambience lights. Each unit comes with a special cushion system to prevent disruption of the resting process upon closure of the door, with a vibration suppression system to also eliminate sediment disruption.

With special filters and design to prevent environmental aromas from affecting the resting wine, you have the assurance of perfect climate-controlled cellars with stunning display options. The 200 series of cabinets comes with two separate climate zones. Seamlessly integrate these cabinets that come with glass doors treated to prevent UV penetration, into your kitchen. Also keep your collection safe with the lock system.

If you want an under-counter option, you’ll be delighted to know that Gaggenau offers cabinets that can house up to 34 bottles in a climate-controlled environment, also with cushioned closing systems, vibration suppression and two climate zones, as well as lockable doors. With the cutting-edge tray system, you can retrieve the bottle of choice without disturbing the rest of the collection.

View pictures and more information on the cabinets here.

Where to buy Gaggenau wine fridges?

To fully appreciate the technology and grace of Gaggenau wine fridges, you must see these elegant cabinets in operation.

Why not visit your nearest Euro Appliances showroom in South Africa or simply reach out for expert consultation to help you choose the right wine cabinet for your setting.

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