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Gaggenau Oven in Your Kitchen

Why You Will Want a Gaggenau Oven in Your Kitchen

When you purchase a Gaggenau oven, you don’t simply buy another important kitchen appliance. Instead, you acquire a statement of luxurious functionality. The brand is synonymous with superior quality items made to fit the kitchen equipment needs of discerning high-end consumers.

As one of the most reliable and trusted brands, it focuses on the upper-end scale of kitchen appliances. Considering that competing brands also aiming to position themselves on the upper end of the market must meet exceptional quality, durability, luxury and functionality requirements, it’s a considerable achievement for Gaggenau to stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Gaggenau ovens are made in Germany, a country where manufacturers focus on excellence. And, here too, the brand is extraordinary. The company behind the brand has a superior track record, dating back to a time long before the industrial revolution, the year 1683, also making it one of the oldest appliance brands in the world.

However, the company has managed to keep up with the changing needs of clients, as can be seen in their ovens. As a brand specialising in producing professional-grade products, Gaggenau is often at the forefront of new technologies, which is evident in their latest generation of 400- and 200-series combi-steam ovens, which were introduced in 2020. What sets these appliances apart from other conventional options is the introduction of humidity to the cooking environment. It is the same brand that introduced steam and hot air combinations for health-conscious cooking just before the year 2000.

Gaggenau Oven

The new generation types include an automated cleaning solution, which ensures optimal hygiene, time savings and the convenience to be expected in a luxury professional-grade home kitchen. This convenience has been made possible with the addition of a fixed water cartridge system. You never have to be concerned about heavy dirt and grime removal again.

The interior is cleaned without human intervention and is done within only a few hours, ensuring the oven can be ready for the next roasting or grilling session when you need it. The fixed-water-connection tanks are equipped with intelligent sensor systems that alert you when the fresh water must be replenished or when you need to empty the tank.

With the addition of multi-core temperature technology, you can rest assured that the temperature readings are precise and accurate, and the accuracy of the readings match the top-notch temperature precision control of these ovens. These technologies make it possible to cook each recipe at the exact temperature required to achieve perfect results every time.

The temperature probe is at the core of the accurate cooking time and heat application. Fitted with three temperature sensors, it senses the heat in the environment during the cooking process and makes the necessary adjustments within a degree variance to adjust cooking time based on the readings. This takes care of the issues of under- or over-cooking and baking.

Giving the home cook more options and space has also been a focal point in the upgrading of the 400 and 200 series Gaggenau ovens. These appliances have been upgraded to a capacity of 50 litres, implying more cooking space and, therefore, more flexibility for the chef when it comes to dish size.

In line with the demand for sleeker-looking and integrated kitchen appliances, Gaggenau has designed the latest 400 and 200 series ovens to hide the interior grill behind a glass surface. This provides for a cavity that is minimalistic in appearance. The added ambience light inside the cavity helps to illuminate the dish in preparation, inviting the deserving appreciation of onlookers.

Gaggenau Oven

It has taken 20 years of improvements and refinements to reach the perfection that is characteristic of the 200 and 400 series cooking appliances. When you purchase one of these ovens, you can rest assured that every convenience you might seek in the appliance is already there. This also goes for their aesthetic appeal.

Gourmet cooking is no longer limited to Silver-Star restaurant kitchens. With one of these combi-steam units, you can have the same professional-grade appliance as can be expected in the kitchen of a fine dining establishment, but with the modern features and exceptional attractiveness, you would want from an appliance in your contemporary kitchen.

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