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Gaggenau Oven: Culinary Perfection in Steam Combination Cooking

Gaggenau doesn’t have a reputation for excellence by chance. The luxury German brand’s track record spans over 300 years in manufacturing quality household products. When the company recently launched the innovative Gaggenau 400 Series Combi-Steam Oven, chefs took notice. Read on to discover why this kitchen appliance is a sought-after addition to any chef and culinary connoisseur’s kitchen.

Why the Gaggenau oven?

The brand is renowned for its focus on sophistication, and not just in the elegant styles of its products, but also the technology to facilitate optimal functionality in every appliance. Flawless design combined with technological advances fit for the kitchen of the future underpin the focus on quality, so obvious in the Gaggenau ovens.

What makes the 400 series combi-steam oven different from conventional options?

For the sophisticated palate, the cooking method matters. This is what makes the 400 series combi-steam appliance different from other appliances. Braising, roasting and baking may be standard features, but not in combination with steaming. With the steam capability of this Gaggenau oven, the brand has once again shown its insight into what matters and how to keep up with changing cooking habits.

The move towards healthier lifestyles and more sophisticated cooking makes it essential for kitchen appliance manufacturers to adapt their products. Gaggenau is esteemed for manufacturing products that reflect the latest trends in lifestyles and sophistication, as evident in the design of the 400 series combi-steam oven.

Gaggenau Oven

Experience the value of steaming

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food. It helps to retain antioxidants in vegetables. The nutrient value of vegetables is lowered with over-cooking and high temperatures. With steaming at a low temperature, it’s possible to retain the important nutrient profile of the vegetables without compromising on taste. It helps to retain the crunchy texture and bright colour that adds visual appeal to culinary masterpieces. With no oil required, this method of food preparation is a favourite with health-conscious foodies.

The steam oven is nothing new in the product portfolio of Gaggenau, but its sophistication level has been increased to reflect the gastronomy needs of modern-day home and restaurant chefs. The brand’s concept of steaming made its début in the residential market more than 15 years ago and has since been a favourite with discerning cooks.

Combination of cooking methods to improve functionality

A combination of cooking functionalities is what adds an extra layer of functionality and convenience to the 400 series. It’s the all-in-one cooking companion to reduce clutter in the kitchen space. Instead of several appliances required to prepare food in specific ways, a single, stylish appliance can do it all. The multifunction concept extends food preparation possibilities with the combination of humidity from steam and dry heat circulation of convection for optimal nutrient preservation and even cooking.

With this appliance, a combination of several cooking methods can be used at the same time. This includes braising to roasting, baking and steaming. This enables the cook to use steam for vegetable preparation or to retain freshness and prevent the food from becoming dry while being prepared in the oven.

Gaggenau Oven

Aesthetics and functionality win the race in modern luxury homes

With open plan living now an integral part of modern homes, the kitchen is often visible from the lounge or entertainment area. For this reason, the Gaggenau products don’t look like typical kitchen appliances. Instead, these elegant appliances have been designed for seamless integration into their environment. The design ensures an appearance that interior décor designers love while the functionality of the oven appeals to the master chef.

The brand has stayed true to its reputation for manufacturing products that meet client needs through the integration of technologies with the likes of sensors, auto temperature changes according to weight, size and type of produce, in addition to automatic cleaning functions, and connection with mobile devices for remote recipe setting and cooking schedules.

Final thoughts – Why it’s a desirable appliance

It’s not just another appliance. Instead, this product is the ultimate object to appreciate whether as an entertainer or home culinary master. It’s a feast for the eyes and a desired cooking masterpiece. Download the Brochure for more information on this sophisticated 400 series steam combination Gaggenau oven.

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