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Gaggenau Fridge-Freezer Combination

Why Add a Gaggenau Fridge -Freezer Combination to Your Kitchen?

Gaggenau is an esteemed and exclusive brand of high-end appliances from Germany. With a history dating back as far as the 1600s, the company is also the oldest manufacturer of luxury appliances worldwide. Now that’s a reputation to uphold and the company’s experience shows in their range of appliances. Purchasing a Gaggenau fridge means you get the support, quality and prestige associated with the brand.

Like with all its appliances, the brand sets the benchmark when it comes to functionality and attention to detail. Journey with us as we introduce you to two of the brand models available that makes refrigeration an architectural art form that subtly blends in as part of a fully integrated kitchen environment.

Gaggenau Vario 400 series of fridges

The refrigerators in this series boast seamless finishes and are made to be modular. This enables you to add sections as required to meet your cooling requirements. These cooling appliances range from freezers to fridge-freezers, wine cooler systems and refrigerators. You can combine or partner the units according to your preferences.

In addition, the brand enables more customisation that includes stainless steel cladding to cooling walls, and integrated refrigeration columns that look the same as your kitchen cupboards. These are available with or without handles. Now it’s possible to create discreet elegance, all the while having the best possible refrigeration functionalities.

Gaggenau Fridge

Gaggenau has also paid attention to convenience. With the Vario 400 series of refrigeration systems, you can simply push gently against the door and it will open at your command, giving you access to the impressive stainless steel interior which is combined with anthracite aluminium sections and see-through glass shelves.

The Gaggenau fridge is fitted with intuitive technology, evident in the illumination of the ice and water dispenser when you approach the appliance. Drinking water has never been this inviting.

With the interior designed to reduce clutter and make it as easy as possible to get to the items of choice, you’ll appreciate the minimalistic design. Of course, the warm coloured illumination makes the interior inviting while adding focus on the most important items through well-placed spotlights.

Vario 400 RY 492 fridge-freezer combination

The stylish appliance combination features the already-mentioned stainless steel interior and selected anthracite aluminium elements, together with warm and inviting energy-efficient LED illumination. You have two options for opening the doors. The first is the gentle push action if you choose the combination without handles. The second entails an easy pull-to-open function if you choose the combination with integrated handles.

The Vario 400 RY 492 comes with a discreet shelving rail system for flexible positioning of the door racks and inner shelves. The door racks are made from anthracite aluminium, ensuring strength, rust-free door inner space and lightweight racking.

Each model is fitted with a fresh cooling drawer to allow for storage of produce close to 0°C. You can manually adjust the temperature to meet your cooling needs in addition to being able to adjust the humidity level of the drawer space.

Gaggenau Fridge

The integrated ice maker is fitted with a fixed water inlet connection, ensuring fresh water comes directly from the water inlet connected to it.

The freezer drawer extends completely and comes with an anthracite divider. With a net volume capacity of 518 litres, the appliance combination is sufficient for the average household produce refrigeration needs.

Vario 400 refrigerator series RC 472/RC 462

The fridge models in this category come fitted with solid anthracite aluminium elements in addition to the stainless steel interiors. These also feature the warm and inviting LED spotlights, and door opening assist functionality. The RC and RF models feature drawers positioned at the same height. You can adjust the door racks and glass shelving heights according to preference. These units come with full length, flat inner stainless steel doors, the exceptionally discreet rail systems for shelves and racks, and the fresh cooling drawer that can store produce in temperatures ranging from -1°C to 3°C.

Final thoughts on purchasing a Gaggenau fridge

The modular design of the Gaggenau cooling appliances makes it possible to have two or more units side-by-side, and fully integrated into your kitchen environment or at different locations in and around the kitchen. These appliances are durable, stunningly minimalistic, yet super functional. View the full range of Gaggenau luxury appliances where you can also download a brochure on the refrigerators available from the brand.

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