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Euro Appliances South Africa, Offering More Than Just a Product

As end users we tend to start looking for answers to needs that we think will suit our preference, however the process takes far more knowledge, background and involvement than one expects. The process needs to be fulfilled in a manner where the end-user can make an informed decision to reach every expectation.

This is where Euro Appliances plays a major part in purchasing appliances.

We are the only Luxury Kitchen Appliance Specialist.

Being an accredited supplier of the finest names in premium kitchen appliances allows us to offer the ultimate showcase of brands, the products associated with those brands and very importantly the exceptional service that is involved in this process.

As a family owned business our focus is on our clients and network partners who we have built a bond with over the years and inviting new relations as part of the Euro family. By doing this we honour our mission by delivering service that no other kitchen appliance retailer offers with exclusive products that exceed client preference and needs.

Selecting appliances for a new kitchen or for replacement requires expert guidance because every situation is unique. There are many factors that may affect your buying decision. Through years of experience, our knowledgeable sales staff has the right answers for every situation, which is something you can’t easily find in many places. Knowledge does matter.

The Euro Appliances Consultation Process


  • Listen to needs of client
  • Share professional advice
  • Share product knowledge
  • Explain logistics and processes


  • Deliver on advice given
  • Present options to client for an informed decision
  • Prepare a relevant proposal for options discussed


  • Engage with client
  • Follow up
  • Process
  • Deliver
  • Support
As a kitchen specialist our aim is to make the process of choosing and enjoying your appliances an exciting and fulfilling experience.

Together with the client we build an appliance strategy. There are many different styles, features, technology and quality options available and at first, this might seem very overwhelming.

By sharing our knowledge and expertise we assist in creating the stylish and functional kitchen for your family and lifestyle and make the process a lot easier.

With our assistance as appliance experts investing time together with Euro Appliances to determine your needs, sharing knowledge on appliance features and offering quality value-added support we ensure that your kitchen ends up with the appliances of your dreams.

Visit any of the following Euro Appliances showrooms and start building your dream kitchen.

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We have showrooms based in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, please feel free to visit our showrooms.
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