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Easy Oven Care by Miele

Cleaning the oven can be simple and quick – with Miele’s time-saving and convenient technologies.

Manufacturer of the world’s finest appliances, Miele is well known for their state-of-the-art Ovens and renowned time-saving technologies.
Most Miele ovens boast pyrolytic cleaning, which is an automatic process where residue in the oven is incinerated to ash at a very high temperature of 400˚C. This makes arduous scrubbing and abrasive cleaners a thing of the past. The pyrolytic self-cleaning feature turns all food residue to ash, which can be easily removed from the oven surfaces without a trace.
Miele’s Clean Steel finish offers protection for immaculate stainless-steel surfaces. The high-quality Clean Steel finish renders fingerprints nearly invisible, and remains very easy to look after. The inside of Miele ovens boast enamel panels with a Perfect Clean finish, with an additional catalytic liner at the back of the oven, and depending on model, on the sides as well.
During baking and roasting, grease residue is continuously broken down, which keeps the cleaning effort on the rear panel to a minimum. Miele’s built-in Air Clean catalyser minimises grease and odours, which is a great addition for open-plan kitchens.
Grease and odours are removed from emerging steam, which prevents grease build-up on furniture, walls and curtains, and cooking odours are significantly reduced as well. And lastly, the interior surface of the door is completely flat - without corners or edges - which allows the door to be cleaned very easily and in addition it can be used as a shelf.

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