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Discover the JURA Brand of Coffee Machines: Top Reasons to Buy

JURA is synonymous with functionality, quality, ease-of-use and state-of-the-art coffee machines for both domestic and professional use. If you are not yet familiar with the brand’s coffee machines, read on to discover why it is popular with restaurant owners and discerning coffee connoisseurs alike.

Full automation for maximum convenience

Making a cup of coffee should not be an effort. The company recognises the need for machines that can brew coffee quicker and with more consistency. The firm manufactures fully automated machines for hassle-free brewing of quality coffee.

Fine Swiss engineering

Swiss engineering is precise and has quality at heart. This is evident in therange of automated machines. The Swiss people also know how to manage time for best efficiency. This shines through in the technology of the JURA coffee machines, known for efficiency, speed, quality and durability. With a full complement of engineers committed to constant improvements in designs, customers are spoiled with innovative technology enhancements that leave many other brands of coffee machines behind. For example, the development of the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) has made it possible to create a deep aroma in any of the speciality coffees.

Easy operation

Modern life is hectic. Time is limited and people are constantly in a hurry. Whether at home, at work or at a coffee shop, it is essential to have equipment that is easy to use and fast in operation. The JURA brand machines have several features that make these devices exceptionally straightforward to use and fast in operation. With the filter cartridge connected with RFID technology, a JURA coffee machine detects the filter and chooses the settings accordingly. With the machine doing a lot of the thinking, the user can just enjoy the luxury of a freshly brewed coffee without having to be an expert barista to use the machine.

Modern design fit for the contemporary world

Swiss workmanship is respected throughout the world for good reason. Precision engineering, smooth lines, modern functionality and exceptional quality are at the heart of equipment designed and manufactured by the Swiss people. It is no different when it comes to this brand. Every machine is manufactured to the highest standards. The designs are fitting for the modern age, making it easy to clean the machines and to choose one that fits with the interior design of a particular setting.

Built for sustainability

The worldwide focus on sustainability to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment and ensure the best use of resources is echoed in the design and manufacturing of theJURA machines. The brand recognises the importance of responsible use of resources and the need to reduce energy usage. To this end, their machines are automatic, energy-efficient and designed to limit wastage. The firm also provides a global service. Machine components are re-conditioned where relevant. This helps to reduce landfill and save important resources.

Product introduction: Revolutionising coffee making with the JURA S8

If you are looking for a professional machine that makes household coffeemaking a sheer pleasure, then you will love the JURA S8 with its smooth lines and aesthetic appeal. The machine reminds a bit of the GIGA series of professional machines for commercial use.

It has a full range of specialities to meet the taste preferences of even the most discerning coffee master. Whether you want a strong espresso or a comforting latte macchiato, every cup is masterfully brewed to perfection. With the Professional Aroma Grinder working at a super-fast pace without compromising on the depth of the bean aroma, you can expect flavourful beverages. The P.E.P.® technology makes it possible to reduce the time it takes to extract while ensuring a delightful depth in taste. Even the milk foam finishes are top of the range and on par with that offered in professional settings.

The S8 machine comes with a user-friendly touch screen for easier operation. No buttons or remote operation required. Simply touch the screen to select, and the beverage will flow with hair-splitting consistency. You don’t have to be an expert as the machines provide graphics and animations with every step, helping you through the beverage making process. With the automation, it is possible to set individual preferences, enabling customisation of beverages according to your taste preferences. View more information here.

What next?

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