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Connected cooker hoods are here

With the rise in demand for fully automated homes, Miele will be introducing cooker hoods that feature the much-anticipated WifiConn@ct technology later this year.

The home automation trend is one that is growing exponentially – more and more homeowners are looking to simplify their lives through the assistance of a fully automated home. And along with this trend, is the growing demand for home appliances that can be connected to the home network.

Networking your appliances allows for added convenience and improved quality of life. When it comes to the subject of household appliance networking, Miele has always been adamant that any of the technological features it introduces are not mere gimmicks, but rather focused on how it will improve the lives of the user. With this in mind, Miele has launched a system to the South African market that brings new freedom and support in the form of the Miele @ mobile app. The app allows you to learn about the status of your Miele appliances, control them remotely, it offers inspirational ideas and recipes, and it enables you to purchase accessories and consumables directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

To utilise all the benefits of Miele@mobile, Miele has installed WifiConn@ct technology into a wide range of its extractor fans. Each extractor will boast a built-in communication module that allows other selected appliances to be network-enabled – the appliance data is simply transmitted via radio frequency. As with all wireless standards, the range depends on the building situation, and will require sufficient signal strength in the location in which the extractor is installed.

Mercia explains that going forward, a wide selection of Miele appliances will be network-enabled as standard. However, she notes that additional appliances can be enabled through the easy retrofitting of communication modules, and some other appliances can be enabled for Miele@mobile at a later time through conversion with retrofitting kits. With WifiConn@ct, the features of these appliances will be significantly enhanced and will enable direct integration into the Miele@mobile app with the MobileControl and status display functions. And, if you invest in an Amazon Echo and Alexa Voice Service, you can use your voice to check the status of your appliances or ask for information.

The Miele@home can be dowloaded from the app store onto a mobile device (minimum requirement: Android 4.4+ / iOS 9+). You also need a wireless Internet connection with which data can be transferred.

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