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The term smart is used for appliances with enhanced, interactive functions that may or may not require an internet connection.

The difference between connected and smart appliances

Connected appliances facilitate repair and maintenance, thanks to remote diagnostics, maintenance advice and failure detection.

Repair technicians are enabled to identify problems before they happen so that they can bring the right tools and parts for the job. In some cases, users may be able to make the fix with video or phone guidance from experts. In others, the problem can be fixed remotely via correction or upgrades to software.

In addition, the manufacturers of the connected appliances, can keep track of trends of in appliances performance, and use that information to improve on existing and future appliances. In case of any problem arising, manufacturers can be contacted automatically and as they happen, which means that they will be able to quickly address minor problems before they become major problems, often with little or no interruption to the appliance's function.

Similarly, the dishwasher will know which cleaning cycle best fits the types of dishes it needs to clean, and how dirty those dishes are. Working with online retailers, appliances can automatically order detergent refills when they need them.

Refrigerators, freezing and cooking appliances can include features that show how to prepare the food that is on hand. They can track expiration dates, automatically adjust cooling levels to the type of food stored, create shopping lists and order groceries. Via a mobile device, you can view the inside of the refrigerator or oven to check the content or track the progress of the meal being prepared.


Introducing connected, smart appliances into your home will make a major difference and change to the home. You'll also help to conserve energy, reduce food waste, facilitate faster and more accurate appliance repair and mitigate unnecessary replacement of appliances.

Dry Aged Beef is in great demand. The trend is not only in demand among steak connoisseurs, the noble meat is also offered in the supermarket. But what does “Dry Aged” actually mean?

Why is it called Dry Ageing?

As long as the meat is hanging securely during the dry ageing process, escaping liquid can evaporate. The meat therefore matures dry. With wet ageing, the meat is matured in a vacuum bag until ready for consumption. The liquid can therefore not escape so the meat matures in its own juice. There are advantages and disadvantages to both techniques, however, the aroma is scored (almost always) by the Dry Ageing process.

Dry Aged – briefly explained

Beef is particularly suitable for Dry Ageing. It has the longest ageing time and is more resistant to germs than poultry. The meat is kept on the bone in a cool climate during the dry ageing process and is thus optimally prepared for consumption. A dry outer layer is formed, not only protecting the meat but also promoting the unmistakable aromas at the same time. Beef is Dry Aged for at least 2 weeks, but this can be prolonged for up to 8 weeks.

Advantages of Dry Aged Beef

Dry ageing not only produces unmistakable aromas of nut and butter, it also improves consistency. During the dry ageing process, the meat becomes mellow, resulting in the fibers being softer and the steak tender. In addition, the colour myoglobin is formed, resulting in attractive dark red meat. Up to 30% of the weight is lost due to the release of moisture evaporation, the dry outer protective layer is also removed. This makes the Dry Aged Meat amongst other things so expensive.

Dry Aged Beef needs a good climate

Professional craftsmanship and technology is needed to ensure the maturing process is efficient. The smallest temperature fluctuation can spoil the dry aged meat. Undesirable mould cultures can form, which will make the meat inedible and even dangerous. That is why a dedicated controlled room is needed, where the climate can be exactly controlled.

Meat maturing in the cabinet

Not every butcher or gastro business, and certainly not every private household has a dedicated room for its own ageing process. The DRY AGER® models DX 1000 and DX 500 have been specially designed to address this, and is most suitable for smaller kitchens and business and can easily be put into operation.

After years of planning and negotiation, Studio Line by Siemens is now available in South Africa to limited agents. We are very excited about the new and exclusive range that is only available to Europe and SA.

The elegant range had its first launch the 21st of February at Euro Appliances Pretoria.

Minimalistic, elegant, modern are just a few words to describe the new studioLine range. The black glass and black brushed steel handles compliment each other very well, providing an air of sophistication to any kitchen.

Siemens studioLine

We had the honor of having Lesego Semenya at the Launch where he entertained our guests with a live cooking demonstration. Lesego impressed our guests with what the latest studioLine 90cm Flex Induction hob is capable of doing, making a cook’s life much easier especially with the auto functions and cooking sensor.

studioLine is a WiFi enabled product, however South Africa is still in process of implementing the infrastructure and this should be available to the end user in 2020.

Siemens studioLine

A special thanks to Richard - The Wine Guy and Brennan from The Good Oaks for introducing us to Linton Park Wines. They had most of the ladies hooked at the introduction and lovely wine tasting.

With the rise in demand for fully automated homes, Miele will be introducing cooker hoods that feature the much-anticipated WifiConn@ct technology later this year.

The home automation trend is one that is growing exponentially – more and more homeowners are looking to simplify their lives through the assistance of a fully automated home. And along with this trend, is the growing demand for home appliances that can be connected to the home network.

Networking your appliances allows for added convenience and improved quality of life. When it comes to the subject of household appliance networking, Miele has always been adamant that any of the technological features it introduces are not mere gimmicks, but rather focused on how it will improve the lives of the user. With this in mind, Miele has launched a system to the South African market that brings new freedom and support in the form of the Miele @ mobile app. The app allows you to learn about the status of your Miele appliances, control them remotely, it offers inspirational ideas and recipes, and it enables you to purchase accessories and consumables directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

To utilise all the benefits of Miele@mobile, Miele has installed WifiConn@ct technology into a wide range of its extractor fans. Each extractor will boast a built-in communication module that allows other selected appliances to be network-enabled – the appliance data is simply transmitted via radio frequency. As with all wireless standards, the range depends on the building situation, and will require sufficient signal strength in the location in which the extractor is installed.

Mercia explains that going forward, a wide selection of Miele appliances will be network-enabled as standard. However, she notes that additional appliances can be enabled through the easy retrofitting of communication modules, and some other appliances can be enabled for Miele@mobile at a later time through conversion with retrofitting kits. With WifiConn@ct, the features of these appliances will be significantly enhanced and will enable direct integration into the Miele@mobile app with the MobileControl and status display functions. And, if you invest in an Amazon Echo and Alexa Voice Service, you can use your voice to check the status of your appliances or ask for information.

The Miele@home can be dowloaded from the app store onto a mobile device (minimum requirement: Android 4.4+ / iOS 9+). You also need a wireless Internet connection with which data can be transferred.

Siemens studioLine

For those who want to set themselves apart from every standard.

Siemens studioLine constantly questions the status quo to come up with new fascinating combinations of technology and design.

Introducing studioLine from Siemens. The premium range of built in cooking appliances curated for outstanding kitchens. studioLine will be launched in South Africa from February 2019 with select partners who share the same values and finesse as the brand. Euro Appliances will be one of the first partners to launch the exclusive range within Southern Africa.

We all place great demands on ourselves. We just want the best, and this in every aspect of our life. And as well as we claim the best from us, we claim the best from our environment. At least, this aspiration is now fulfilled in the kitchen. Since Siemens challenge themselves to redefine the kitchen every time they introduce a new studioLine range to the market. The goal: exceeding the expectations and offering everyone who searches for more than just a kitchen appliance, something that fits their lifestyle and their individual ideas.

The two most important elements in this process are always the same: technology and design. In the philosophy of studioLine, neither of both is exciting on its own. The form has to match the function as well as to fit the aspirations of its owner. Likewise, the technology would be nothing without a design that encourages to engage the appliance, and exceeds everything you would expect from a kitchen appliance.

Siemens studioLine

In terms of technology, the new studioLine range offers special functions for everyone who not only wants to cook but create something special: an integrated sous-vide function of the oven that keeps the vitamins and flavourings stronger than normal cooking to provide an outstanding experience of taste. A cooktop, where you can move pots and pans completely free across the surface – and intuitive features like the emotionLight Pro to adapt the light in the kitchen to your personal taste or mood.

Perfectly matching these innovations, every appliance convinces with high-quality materials and a finger-flattering feel. The noble blackSteel design gives every appliance a concise look without being obtrusive. Straight lines and a noble as well as consistent colouring, provide a harmonious overall image that turns the kitchen into an exclusive place that outshines every living room.

If you’re interested, the exclusivity doesn’t stop – but goes on with exclusive services for every customer like individual consulting, delivery or a special guarantee extension.

Siemens. The future moving in.

Siemens studioLine Advertorials 420x297 ISOv2 180820

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