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Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Why You Should Explore JURA'S Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

JURA's bean-to-cup coffee machines are synonymous with delicious brews, effortless operation, and seamless design. Boasting Swiss design and manufacturing, the brand is known for excellent quality and innovative systems that grind coffee beans at twice the speed of conventional machines. If you are searching for luxury bean-to-cup coffee machines to start your day right, JURA is bound to impress with their wide range of devices, suited to every type of coffee connoisseur. 

Understanding bean-to-cup coffee machines

If your morning ritual entails grinding your coffee beans and brewing a fresh batch, bean-to-cup coffee machines are certainly the only way to go. The term' bean-to-cup' refers to a process whereby "coffee is grounded and brewed fresh in one go by a single machine." This results in fresher coffee every time.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines offer many advantages, including user convenience, easy cleaning, fresh, quality coffee, and environmental sustainability thanks to minimal wastage. JURA is also a brand to behold when it comes to this style of machine, thanks to its patented coffee grinding and brewing technology which guarantees freshness and an aromatic start to your day.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

The best features of JURA bean-to-cup coffee machines

So, why choose JURA machines for bean-to-cup perfection? Let's explore some of their best features.

Our JURA coffee machines embody specialised Product Recognising Grinder technology (also known as P.R.G). The coffee beans are ground fresh, and the machine only grinds the exact number of beans needed for the quantity and style of coffee. Users can pre-set bean quantity depending on the intensity of the flavour they're after. Furthermore, the fineness of the coffee grinds can also be selected and users can choose between five different levels. The finer the coffee grounds, the more compressed they will be within the brewing chamber. The water will subsequently take longer to flow through, adding to a richer, more robust aroma. Users can set their bean grinding preference for each type of speciality coffee, including espresso, cortado, latte, cappuccino, and macchiato.

When it comes to JURA, we have several premium machines available, including the Z10 model with its cold and hot brew abilities, the S8 with its compact design and wide range of speciality coffee options, the E8 with its quick grinding capabilities and specialised fine foam technology, and the easy and compact ENA-4 for those in need of a one-cup wonder.

Whether you're in search of bean-to-cup coffee machines for home use, office use, or in a café, JURA will undoubtedly delight you.

Explore Euro Appliances for quality products built to last

If you're searching for effortless preparation with the simple touch of a button, you can't go wrong with JURA. Browse their impressive range of luxury bean-to-cup coffee machines from Euro Appliances and enjoy fresh, consistent coffee each and every time. Get in touch for more details or visit your nearest showroom to see our products first hand.

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