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avantgarde: The art of forward thinking

Reimagine the everyday: be avant-garde.

Siemens avant-garde: laundry care appliances setting new standards for style and function.

Designed to set new standards.

The design of the Siemens avant-garde laundry appliances defines a new aesthetic standard, even inspiring professional artists. Let the avant-garde Washing Machine and Dryer bring new inspiration into your home too. With a stylish blue light ring, the Washing Machine and the Tumble Dryer not only fill your living space with ambient light, but update you on your current programme status too. The tilted black panel is satisfying to look at, and provides a great contrast to the rest of the appliance. The colourful touch display provides a quick, intuitive overview of programmes and functions, completing the perfect match of form and functionality. All these forward-thinking design ideas let the Washing Machine and the Tumble Dryer become more than usual home appliances. They become pieces of art that fill your home with inspiration.

The Siemens avantgarde Washing Machine: a new way of doing your laundry.

Laundry care will never be the same again. The avantgarde Washing Machine brings revolutionary design and innovative features into your home and into your life, providing a perfect combination of form and function:

Behind the stylish exterior lies innovative technology to ensure the avantgarde Washing Machine provides the kind of functionality and lifestyle support you expect from Siemens. With i-Dos, detergent is dosed into the drum automatically, ensuring ideal washing results, minimising set-up time before each wash, and minimising the use of resources. The avantgarde Washing Machine guarantees perfectly clean clothes and lets you explore your daily washing routine from a new perspective.

Breaking with convention: the Siemens avantgarde Tumble Dryer.

In combination with an outstanding design, the avantgarde Tumble Dryer brings innovation to your home and puts an exciting new spin on your everyday. While other dryers need filter cleaning after every drying cycle, the intelligent Cleaning system reduces effort to a bare minimum – no more messy, regular filter cleaning. high energy efficiency means low electricity consumption, even with a full load of 9 kg. Expect the unexpected from your Siemens avantgarde Tumble Dryer.


Rethinking detergent dosing: i-Dos

Depending on the type of fabric, load size, water hardness and degree of soiling, the Siemens avant-garde washing machine manages the correct amount of detergent automatically – for perfect washing results and minimum use of resources.

Simple and logical control: iSelect display

The intuitive smartphone-like user interface allows you to scroll through the digital menu and select programmes with ease. With a beautiful TFT Touch display, navigation is not only a very
user-friendly option, it also creates a stylish contrast with the jet black panel behind.

Efficient, durable and quiet: the iQdrive motor

Whether you aim for less energy consumption without compromising on performance, short programme times or pleasantly quiet at maximum spin settings – the brushless iQdrive motor makes it possible.


MyTime feature allows you to choose precise washing and drying durations - from 20 to 60 minutes. Now you will always have time to fit laundry into your busy schedule - without compromise.

Drying without obstacles: selfCleaning condenser.

selfCleaning condenser prevents the dryer from becoming clogged with lint or fluff. The system cleans out the affected areas several times during the drying programme to keep the dryer’s performance high and its energy consumption low.

Your needs are already set up: myFavourite.

You know what you want – your dryer remembers it. Now you can easily save your individual combination of programmes and options. One touch on the display starts the drying process and frees you from having to set up the appliance again with every new load of laundry.

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