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AGA Stoves

AGA Stoves: A Timeless Classic in Modern Kitchens

AGA stoves evoke a sense of country-style living and timeless tradition. They are steeped in a rich and fascinating history yet remain a favoured choice in the modern kitchen and home. Invented in 1922 by Swedish physicist and noble laureate Dr Gustaf Dalén, the AGA has enjoyed over one hundred years of popularity. If you are passionate about prestigious design and love the idea of slow cooking, the AGA stove is unrivalled.

Why the AGA is a Brilliant Investment for any Home

AGAs amalgamate classic charm with innovative features for the modern kitchen and budding home chef. Here are several benefits of investing in an AGA.

  • Durability and longevity: Dalén lost his sight during an experiment, but this didn’t stop him from developing a stove that could master many cooking techniques. Over the years, the AGA brand has continued to innovate, constantly expanding its stoves to complement modern cooking techniques. Made from durable cast iron, AGAs boast ultimate longevity. Moreover, the AGA is finished with multiple enamel coats to ensure that these stoves last for decades.
  • Radiant heat technology: AGA stoves are a must if you love slow cooking. The AGA stove generates its heat from one single burner, and heat is effortlessly distributed to all parts of the oven to create dedicated cooking zones. This makes it exceptional when it comes to roasting or slow cooking, since no direct element will dry out foods. The AGA hot plates also receive intense heat, making them ideal for grilling and frying.
  • Sustainable: The AGA is also a sustainable cooking solution for several reasons. AGA stoves boast high energy efficiency since their cast iron construction easily retains heat. As such, they can radiate higher levels of heat even when they are switched off. Moreover, AGAs are built with sustainability in mind, and the manufacturers pride themselves on the fact that “you’ll never find an AGA on a landfill site”, thanks to the recyclable materials used.
  • Diverse models and finishes: AGAs have developed through the ages, and now there are different models to suit every type of home. Opt for freestanding or integrated AGA stoves and choose between several impressive ranges, including 2, 3, 4 and 5 oven varieties. 4 and 5 models can be modified, and the warming plate can be replaced with a two-burner gas hob, a two-element ceramic hob, or an induction place. There are also a wide variety of colours available, including white, black, duck egg blue, pistachio, aubergine, blush, and slate. AGA also offer a bespoke colour service for those who want to create a personalised stove that suits their colour palette.
AGA Stoves

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Whether you want to elevate your cooking capabilities with an AGA or explore our other top European brands, Euro Appliances has a myriad of impressive kitchen appliances on show. From Siemens and Gaggenau to Sub-Zero Wolf and Smeg, the world of luxury kitchen appliances awaits. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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