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Aga Oven and Stove

Upgrade Your Kitchen with an AGA Oven and Stove

It's said that an AGA is more than just a cooker. In fact, for AGA enthusiasts, the AGA oven and stove combo is certainly a way of life. The AGA was invented in 1922 by a Nobel Prize-winning physicist named Gustaf Dalén. The Nobel Laureate put his life's work into creating an easy-to-use oven that had numerous culinary capabilities after he was rendered blind in an explosion and was forced to stay home. Whilst at home, Dalén saw how tired his wife grew whilst cooking. To remedy her plight, he set to work to create a masterpiece that would effectively store heat and make cooking easier. In doing so, he created the now famed AGA oven and stove. Today, these impressive cookers grace many a home across the globe, well revered by families for their durability and incredible cooking performance. While early manufacture began in Sweden, today, all AGA ovens and stoves are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Premium quality and artistry is at the core of manufacturing processes and AGAs are certainly built to last.

When you upgrade your kitchen with an AGA oven and stove, not only will it become the heart and soul of the kitchen but you'll also reap the rewards of its unprecedented cooking features. The AGA is truly a unique innovation, bringing country charm and culinary prowess to any home.

Top Features and Benefits of the AGA

 Let's explore some of the AGAs top features and advantages:

  • Enhanced cooking performance: There's no denying the fact that the AGA oven and stove produce high-quality cuisine. Ask any AGA enthusiast, and they'll attest to the fact that food tastes better with an AGA. AGAs use gentle radiant heat to retain nutrients and goodness, resulting in incredible flavour. Thanks to its ergonomic design, heat is circulated to the cast-iron ovens in a gentle and steady manner. This preserves the moisture and texture of food, resulting in tastier food. Moreover, thanks to high insulation levels and hotplate lids, heat is always retained, and fuel is utilised economically.
  • Durability thanks to enamel coats: The AGA oven and stove is built with total durability and longevity in mind. In fact, when well-maintained, they can span for over 50 years, making them a brilliant investment in any home. Unlike other ovens, AGAs comprise multiple protective enamel coats - a process which takes three days and separate firings before completion. Each exterior enamel part is handcrafted at the AGA factory in the UK, adding a bespoke charm to every AGA. Each AGA is also made with 70% recycled material, making it a fantastic investment if you want to enhance your green footprint. Recycled materials utilised in manufacturing include lamp posts, car gearboxes, guttering, door fittings, old machinery, and much more.
  • Customisable options: The AGA 4 and 5 models are customisable, meaning that you can create a bespoke cooking solution to suit your culinary needs. You have the option of replacing the AGA warming plate with an induction hotplate, a two-element ceramic hob, or a two-burner gas hob. This means that you can utilise all of the advantages of the AGA oven whilst including modernised stove-top solutions. AGA also offer the AGA 60 smaller model, which is ideal for apartment living. This model comes with either a hotplate or gas hob, depending on client preferences and is available in several colour varieties, including white, black, pearl ashes, pewter, dark blue, pistachio, heather, aubergine, blush, and dove.
AGA Oven and Stove

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If you are ready to elevate your kitchen, the AGA oven and stove is a brilliant investment. The AGA can truly do it all, whether you want to grill, steam, bake, simmer, boil, stir-fry, griddle, slow-cook, or roast. This makes it an excellent addition to any home and any cooking enthusiast.

Here at Euro Appliances, we also stock a myriad of top-rated European brands. Premium brands include Bosch, Jura, Pitt, Miele, Smeg, Siemens, U-Line, Gaggenau and Liebherr. To find your dream appliance, visit one of our three showrooms in Cape Town, Pretoria, or Johannesburg and explore our premium appliances in the flesh. Alternatively, view our showrooms online and get a feel for our incredible products on offer. When you choose, Euro Appliance, quality, innovation, and durability are guaranteed.

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