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98 years later, AGA Rangecookers: A brand and reputation living on

Euro Appliances proudly presents the iconic AGA range that complements our exclusive product offering. AGA cookers have proven itself over many decades and is considered as part of the family and not a cooker.
AGA a product that was designed in 1922 by the Nobel Prize–winning Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalén, whom lost his sight in an experimental explosion. While recovering at home DR Dalen noticed how exhausting cooking could be for his wife. This is how the AGA was invented by creating a cooker that looks after every culinary technique and simplifies the cooking process.
AGA stoves
AGA cookers
Each AGA cooker is still manufactured exactly the same way in Coalbrookedale foundry, Britain where it all started. There is a greater longevity with an AGA cooker and no AGA would be found on a landfill site, as 70% of an AGA cooker is manufactured from recycled cast Iron, so a retired AGA would be creating a life for a new AGA cooker.
AGA which considered the heart of your home, assisting your home to be more energy efficient. The AGA could replace small to larger appliances, such as a kettle, toaster, tumble dryer even your geyser.

Mastering various culinary styles, AGA and Rayburn range cookers has the solution to grill, bake, roast, boil, simmer, toast and much more, producing amazingly succulent dishes, locking moisture into the cavity creating flavour and preserves its nutrients and taste.
AGA Ovens
Falling in love with your AGA is not out of the ordinary, there are so many reasons why the new family member would steal your heart, with 17 beautiful vitreous enamel colours from neutral, classic to brighter shades, the AGA creates the perfect monument in your kitchen.

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