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9 Top Reasons You Need an Exclusive studioLine Oven

Siemens has outdone themselves with the studioLine series of built-in appliances. If you appreciate exclusivity and elegant design, then you’ll love these ovens.

Don’t know why foodies and chefs can’t stop talking about these ovens? Then read on to discover why you are not part of the inner circle without a studioLine oven in your kitchen.

1. Easily prepare taste bud tantalising food

The smooth and elegant design is not the only reason the studioLine series of ovens stands out among sought-after appliances. Simplicity in cooking equals perfection. As with every other Siemens appliance, this series offers superior functionality without complicating operation. To create mouth-watering delicious meals is effortless. You don’t need to be a maestro in the kitchen to create culinary masterpieces if you own a Siemens studioLine oven. The appliance provides perfect temperature control and makes cooking a sheer pleasure.

2. You don’t just buy an oven, you buy exclusivity

There’s a reason the studioLine series is only available from certified suppliers. The appliances are worthy of praise and in-depth understanding. Siemens only sells these appliances through suppliers known for their expertise and exclusivity. Owning one of the ovens means you have bought from a supplier of exclusive products, made specifically for those with discerning tastes.

3. Seamless integration with other appliances

Don’t you just wish all appliances can fit in perfectly with your well-designed kitchen? Now it is possible with the studioLine series. Each appliance within this range can be combined with another in the series to create a coherent look and feel. Why only buy an oven? Add a coffee maker or warming drawer to complement the stunning stainless steel and black finish of the oven. Compact in design to minimise space usage, but elegant enough not to go unnoticed, a studioLine oven lines up perfectly with any of the appliances in the series. If you want aesthetic perfection combined with optimal functionality, then buy an appliance from this series.

4. Save up to 50% food preparation time

Siemens is known for revolutionary ideas. This is evident in the varioSpeed technology embedded in their appliances. With this feature you can reduce the time you spend preparing food, giving you more time to relax and appreciate the finer things that make life so much more enjoyable. With varioSpeed, you can cook faster while the integrated microwave aids in easy and quick defrosting of food.

5. Intuitive design to simplify cooking

The TFT touch display functionality adds an extra layer of user-friendliness to operation. Navigate the menu by simply touching your selection. The built-in technology guides you through the menu, helping you to tailor cooking to your taste and lifestyle needs.

6. Perfect cooking every time

Take the guesswork out of temperature control. With the bakingSensor and roastingSensor Plus you have three measurement points where the food’s core temperature is measured. This ensures food cooked to perfection every time. Add to that, the humidity sensor and you can rest assured that your baked goods will have just the right level of moisture for softness while being evenly baked to the core.

7. Save even more time with coolStart

No more having to preheat the oven. Cook from frozen with the coolStart feature. Apart from valuable time-savings, you reduce energy usage, thereby doing your part for the environment and sustainable living.

8. Convenient self-cleaning

Don’t you just dread having to clean the oven, especially after a large roast session? Siemens recognises the importance of convenience and time-saving. That’s why the studioLine oven comes with a built-in cleaning function. It just takes the touch of a button and the appliance heats up enough to turn any particles left in the oven to ash. You only need to wipe away the ashes. It’s super-efficient, saves time, and reduces workload.

9. Easily warm up foods

With the fullSteam feature, you can warm up vegetables without hassle. And with steaming considered as one of the healthiest ways to cook food without losing nutritional value, the feature supports healthy eating.

Wrapping up on reasons to buy a studioLine oven

Perfect cooking every time, faster food preparation, optimal convenience with self-cleaning, integrated design and simplicity in cookery are reasons you want to own a studioLine oven. Add the exclusivity of the series, and you have all the more reason to visit our studioLine selection for more information on these sought-after kitchen masterpieces.

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