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7 Reasons to Choose a Miele Dishwasher

Miele dishwashers are just as reliable and functional as the rest of this renowned brand’s appliances. With their engineers working hard at keeping the brand’s appliances at the lead, you can expect their machines to perform superbly. ‘Workhorses’ best describe the appliances as these machines can handle loads hour after hour.

Let’s take a closer look at seven reasons to include a Miele dishwasherin your kitchen.

Features that Set Miele Dishwashers One Step Higher on the Ladder

Although more expensive than the machines from many well-known and trusted brands, Miele dishwashers come with exceptionally practical features.  A closer look at some of these reveals why you would want a Miele appliance.

1. Longevity Equals Sustainability

Environmental responsibility starts at home. A durable appliance already meets one of the important requirements for sustainability. With the sophisticated German precision engineering that goes into the manufacturing of the brand’s dishwashers, these appliances boast several leak-proof elements, giving them a lifespan of up to two decades. More than 96% of the components in theirdishwashersare made in Germany, which also explains the reliability of their appliances.

2. Extra Rack for Cutlery

Isn’t it frustrating when having to wash part of the silverware by hand or leave it for a second batch because the rack for it is too small?Miele has noticed the issue. With the addition of a third silverware rack, they have solved the problem. This also translates into time and energy savings as all the silverware can be washed along with the rest of the dishes. What makes the rack different? Because of it, you can fit more items on the lower rack instead of being limited because of a basket. The higher-end appliances from the brand now also feature a 3D rack that can be moved out of the way to fit tall glassware.

Miele Dishwasher

3. More Washing in the Same Space

Miele dishwashers come with not one, and not two, but three wash arms for maximum washing power, ensuring the cutlery also comes out clean.

4. Dry On the Spot

Few dishwashers feature true drying capabilities. With the complete dry cycle of the Mielemachines, the cooler side areas attract the steam, which then dissipates as water. At the higher end of the brand’s machines, you also get two fans at the bottom, making it possible to dry the dishes exceptionally fast.

5. Leak Protection

If you have a Miele dishwasher, you also have a reliable way to prevent leaks. Since leaks can cause damage to your flooring and cupboards, this is one feature not to overlook in the choice of appliances. With the automatic shut-off feature, the moment there is a leak, you will know it. Your downstairs neighbours will thank you for it and so will the insurance company. With several features built-in to prevent leaks, the brand has set its machines apart from other top ones in the industry.

6. Adjustable Racking

Sometimes you have large items that must be washed. Having set racks you may end up with most of the dishes left for the conventional sink wash. Not so withMiele dishwashers.The adjustable racking facilitates the washing of various item sizes. Simply adjust the shelving to fit your washing needs.

Miele Dishwasher

7. Work Without Noise

AMiele dishwasher doesn’t sound like a Boeing about to take off. Instead, it quietly completes its work, making it the perfect companion for an open-plan kitchen. True, it cannot be grave silent, but the noise emission level is low, adding to its sustainability character.

Many more features make the brand’s machines stand out, among others the feature that allows for opening when you knock twice on the machine door. Of course, this feature is available in the upper-end range. Some machines come with Wi-Fi connectivity for control from your tablet or smartphone, whilst others feature automatic detergent dispensing.

What are Your Options?

The brand is known for catering to the needs of its customers. As such, you have options such as top panel, front panel and integrated panel looks. This makes it possible to purchase a machine that will fit in perfectly with your kitchen layout and overall look.

Where to View and Get Prices?

With so many useful features, a Miele dishwasher is the perfect choice for any home. View the available range here. Want pricing information or to buy? Make your way to our convenient online shopping facility.

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