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7 Features You’ll Love in Liebherr Fridge Freezer Products

Want features in a refrigerator to improve food storage capacity, ensure freshness and improve safety? Then you’ll want to take a closer look at Liebherr products.

Read on as we walk you through features that make Liebherr products stand out amongst the top exclusive brand offerings.

1. BioFresh with DrySafe and HydroSafe for optimal storage environments

Humidity and temperature control functionality has come a long way over the past ten years. With Liebherr products in the lead when it comes to advanced features to improve sustainable living, you will appreciate what this technology does for food storage.

It provides the perfect interaction of dryness, humidity and temperature control to ensure you can keep foods sensitive to environmental factors, fresh and safe for longer.

The longer you store food produce in the refrigerator, the higher the risk of flavour loss. Not so with the BioFresh technology embedded in Liebherr products. Food is kept safe in the special drawers at the optimum temperature, dryness or humidity level to retain flavour, colour and nutritional value for longer.

The compartment temperature control is precise to allow for storage at just above 0°C for animal-based products such as meat, cheese and fish within a low humidity environment. Store your fruits and vegetables in the HydroSafe environment where the produce can have the perfect humidity to keep their firmness, brilliance and taste.

2. Condiments from your fridge to your dinner table in a convenient box

Liebherr appliances are not the talk of the town for nothing. The brand goes all out to create convenience to meet modern sustainable living needs. This is evident in the attention to detail of the Liebherr fridge freezer combinations. Take, for example, the VarioBoxes feature that provides for removable boxes to store foods. With this feature, you can take food condiments in the box to the table. It’s convenient. Simply put the box back in the fridge after usage.

3. Keep small items in a neat space of their own

Do you know that fridge door space where you normally keep small items? Doesn’t it frustrate you when the small items drop through the rails or lie untidy in the door compartment? Now that’s something of the past. With the VarioSafe compartment, you can store small products such as tiny bottles, jars and even sachets in a convenient space for easy location and usage. Keep your food storage space neat and organised with this small item compartment.

4. Change the shelving layout to fit your storage needs

Do you have awkwardly shaped products to refrigerate? Then you’ll love the removable shelves for the freezer. Their appliances are flexible, proven by the VarioSpace concept of safety glass shelves, which can be removed to store large products.

5. Easily store up to five bottles

Conventional fridges often fall short when it comes to bottle storage space. The brand recognises the importance of versatile storage facilities. As a result, their fridges come with a specially moulded space to store up to five bottles at a time. Need to use the space for something else? No problem. Just insert a glass panel and you have another safe space.

6. Do away with manual defrosting – saving you time

The Liebherr freezer comes with the NoFrost feature. This prevents ice or frost build-up in the interior. With this feature you also don’t have to manually defrost the freezer, saving you time and the frustration of water dripping on the floor.

7. Specialised temperature control for each unit

The fridge and freezer sections have their own temperature-controlled environments. With the DueCooling feature, the two units each run on their own cooling circuit. This prevents odours from one getting into the other part. The feature also prevents fruits & vegetables from being frozen while it provides for the perfect humidity in the fridge section to store fresh produce. You can switch the freezer or freezer off without it affecting the other unit.

Final thoughts on the amazing features of Liebherr combination fridge freezers

Liebherr products stand out for quality and sophisticated technology to keep food in the best temperature and humidity environment. With versatile storage components, removable boxes and key features such as NoFrost, you have all the more reason to want one for your home. Take a look at the range of built-in combi fridge freezers available from us.

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